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Noun1.rosilla - a sneezeweed of southwestern United States especially southern California
sneezeweed - any of various plants of the genus Helenium characteristically causing sneezing
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Contract notice: construction of a building of 71 homes and garages, promotion called "la rosilla 4", vallecas (madrid)
Ito Ynares, Patrick Antonio, Osang dela Cruz and Tommy Chua, Ricky Magtoto, Pipo Soliman, Firefly Group, Elan Nagano, Arman Santos, Richard Perez, Eric dela Rosa, Edwin Tose, Ador Pleyto and Boyet Legaspi, will match up with the following guest: Jun Soriano, Arwin Manguiat, Allan Rosilla, Teody Evangelista, Mandy Garcia, Coun.
December 19, 1922, Rosilla Patience Barton (bigamous wife) John Fisher, aged 58.
883001 PREST Rosilla On June 30, peacefully in hospital aged 91 years.
Los residentes de El Salto se abastecen de agua de la microcuenca La Rosilla, ubicada en terrenos forestales del ejido La Victoria.
Nombres comunes registrados en la zona: hierba del pollo, quesadilla, rosilla.
Tenders are invited for archeology and paleontology services for the promotions: rosilla 01, rosilla 02, rosilla 03 and rosilla 04 of emvs, located in the area of rosilla, ape 18.05, ensanche de vallecas, madrid.
Nombres comunes registrados en la zona: consentida, fresadilla, garanona, hierba amarilla, hierba de salud, maton de barrendero, rosilla.
Tenders are invited for comprehensive quality control services for the project and construction of homes of the promotion called rosilla 04 block 4 of the 18.05 of the rosilla sita in ensanche de vallecas of the municipality of madrid, promoted by municipal housing company and land of madrid, sa
Nombres comunes registrados en la zona: aceitilla, rosa amarilla, rosilla.
Prior information notice without call for competition: Construction of 97 houses for rent in the Rosilla 4.
Nombres comunes registrados en la zona: aceitillo, flor de San Francisco, mirasol amarillo, rosilla amarilla.