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adj. ros·i·er, ros·i·est
a. Having the characteristic pink or red color of a rose.
b. Reddened, as from exercise or exposure to the weather: children with rosy cheeks.
2. Consisting of, decorated with, or suggestive of a rose or roses.
3. Bright or cheerful; optimistic: rosy predictions.

ros′i·ly adv.
ros′i·ness n.
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(ˈroʊ zə li)

1. with a rosy color.
2. in a rosy manner; brightly, cheerfully, or optimistically.
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بصورَةٍ وَرْدِيَّه
í rósrauîum lit; glaîlega


(rəuz) noun
1. a kind of brightly-coloured, usually sweet-scented flower, usually with sharp thorns.
2. (also adjective) (of) a pink colour. Her dress was pale rose.
rosette (rəˈzet) , ((American) rou-) noun
a badge or decoration in the shape of a rose, made of coloured ribbon etc.
ˈrosy adjective
1. rose-coloured; pink. rosy cheeks.
2. bright; hopeful. His future looks rosy.
ˈrosily adverb
ˈrosiness noun
ˈrosefish noun
North Atlantic rose-coloured fish used for food.
ˈrose hip noun
the red fruit of a rose, which is rich in vitamin C.
ˈrosewood noun, adjective
(of) a dark wood used for making furniture. a rose wood cabinet.
look at / see through rose-coloured spectacles/glasses
to take an over-optimistic view of.
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References in classic literature ?
The prevailing excitement had made bright her eye and flushed her cheeks rosily-- too rosily, perhaps.
I dashed at the place in which I had left her lying and over which (for the small silk counterpane and the sheets were disarranged) the white curtains had been deceivingly pulled forward; then my step, to my unutterable relief, produced an answering sound: I perceived an agitation of the window blind, and the child, ducking down, emerged rosily from the other side of it.
Teacher and taught were alike glad when the term was ended and the glad vacation days stretched rosily before them.
The sky was bright and cloudless overhead, and the tops of the trees shone rosily in the sun.
Also, he was teasingly interested in the certain small garments on which Dede worked, while she was radiantly happy over them, though at times, when his tender fun was too insistent, she was rosily confused or affectionately resentful.
The flames swept over the dunes rosily, flinging their cardinal banners against the dark gulf beyond, and illuminating the channel and the fishing village.
One senior businessman I spoke to in Riyadh on the fringes of the conference site on Tuesday spoke rosily of the prospects for his consumer-oriented business, as Saudi shoppers got used to the VAT measure introduced last year and the higher energy bills many have to pay.
class="MsoNormalMy personal love affair did not work out as rosily as I had expected in my fond and silly youthfulness.
together, totter rosily, cheek to cheek, bumpity bump bump bump.
For five years now, Sparrow Music has been a refuge for the youth living in a rosily named area called Lupang Pangako ('promised land').
It is certainly well past time that "community" media studies, in the Anglophone research literature, take on board dimensions of community that are not rosily romanticized.
Looking through rose was ever more laborious." Still, the book concludes, "Rosily I will squander myself."