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 (rŏs′trəl, rô′strəl)
1. Anatomy At, near, or toward the head, especially the front of the head: the rostral prefrontal cortex.
2. Of or relating to a rostrum.

ros′tral·ly adv.
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in a rostral manner
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The maxillary artery contributes significantly to the cerebral arterial circle through the rete epidural mirabile while the basilar artery attached to the cerebral arterial circle where its blood flow directed caudally rather than rostrally (Kietyka-Kurc et al., 2015; Alsafy et al., 2017).
The course of the ureter appeared to extend into the inguinal canal, make a sharp turn approximately mid canal, and then to travel rostrally, where it eventually entered the bladder.
Kambin's triangle, the medial aspect of the foraminal annular window bordered by the exiting root rostrally, the traversing root medially, and the superior endplate of the lower lumbar vertebra inferiorly, is the primary anatomic basis for procedures utilizing this approach (Fig.
In this aim, lesions are often made 17 mm from the midline laterally, 10 mm from the anterior commissura rostrally and a 15-18 mm long and 4-5 mm wide thermocoagulative lesion is made 8 mm above the intercommissural line (2, 10, 12).
The frontal region is articulated with the nasal region rostrally through the cranial facial flexor zone (Cranial Facial Flexor Zone - ZFC -Figures.
Infrequently the disease process drains into the nasal cavity further rostrally, and the origin of the discharge can only be seen if the endoscope is passed down the entire middle meatus.
In such patients, lesions occasionally extend rostrally into the medulla and often the conus, although normal MRI findings are common in patients with pure relapsing ON [12, 16, 37].
Within 20 minutes after slaughter, the hypothalamus was dissected using a magnifier 130E Pro7 (Benefit, Poland) and minitweezers (Figure 1) from each brain according to the landmarks of the optic chiasm rostrally and the mammillary bodies caudally that were described by Xu et al.
Endogenous SCs migrate not only in an injury epicenter but also rostrally and caudally from the epicenter usually moving along a cavity in the site of injury [30] that is consistent with the results of our study.
Not only was the density of these axons higher, but the area of the spinal cord containing them extended further rostrally into uninjured segments.
The mandibular stumps were rounded and the soft tissue on the lingual surface of the mandible was folded rostrally over the exposed mandible and closed with simple, interrupted, 2-0 polyglycolic acid sutures.
A 1.5mm k-wire was passed through the proximal fragment rostrally so that it comes out in front of mouth and the same K-wire was driven caudally into distal fragment of corresponding rami and advanced cranially.