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Adj.1.rosy-purple - of purple with a rose tinge
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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It has trifoliate leaves and eventually rosy-purple, slightly fragrant flowers will appear in long hanging racemes, which are very attractive to insects.
In late spring, the delicate, rosy-purple flowers of the wild geranium brighten up the sun-dappled edges of New York's roads, woods and meadows.
These are a hardy clumpforming perennial with rosy-purple trumpets.
It displays beautiful fern-like foliage and bugle-shaped, rosy-purple flowers and attains a height of a mere 60cm with a spread of 30cm.
The sweet peas are: Norman Wisdom, possibly the best white variety ever for exhibition and garden - vigorous, large-flowered and very sweetly scented; David Unwin, another outstanding introduction, this time red, brighter and larger-flowered than other kinds with a delicate scent; Peacock, first in a new Butterfly series with ruffled petals, rosy-purple with a white base, long stems for cutting and a moderately sweet scent; Heathcliff, a rich blue, excellent for the garden and cutting, with a sensational scent.