rot away

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w>rot away

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And the holy strength of Helios made her rot away there; wherefore the place is now called Pytho, and men call the lord Apollo by another name, Pythian; because on that spot the power of piercing Helios made the monster rot away.
Still I thought I might catch him on one point; so I asked him why the modern empire did not make the nation's cream in the Heidelberg Tun, instead of leaving it to rot away unused.
He had fixed his eyes upon a distorted fir tree, planted by some former tenant in a tub that had once been green, and left there, years before, to rot away piecemeal.
Gareth Victor Breaks my heart to see buildings like this left to rot away.
As time passes, as the outward appearance of those hateful acts seems to rot away, we may be tempted to believe that this evil has been closed down and emptied out.
If you simply place the bulb in the hole without any pressure, you could leave a gap where rainwater will collect and start to rot away at it.
You can transplant into the soil and they rot away.
The St Mirren midfielder is one of five regulars in the Buddies' starting 11 - along with Jason Naismith, Sean Kelly, Marc McAusland and Kenny McLean - who came through the ranks in Paisley The Scotland Under-21 star said: "Too many kids sign for bigger clubs and then just rot away.
Unearthing such fossils is rare because fragile remains quickly disintegrate and rot away.
Over time the felt and the wooden pegs that hold it in place will rot away having created a more hospitable environment for the heather to grow and prevent further erosion of the peat.
Each bag can take anything between 400 and 1,000 years to rot away.