rotary dial

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ro′tary di′al

a disk with finger holes that is affixed to a telephone and rotated to match up the finger holes with the letters and digits of a telephone number.
ro′tary-di′al, adj.
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Also at the centre are coins and currency notes used during the colonial era, passbooks for Africans, and a list of about 100 Mau Mau generals.Millennials can also see the old rotary dial telephone, Walkman, black-and-white TV sets, and the record player, which preceded DVD players.
Sadly, Land Rover has ditched the rotary dial for changing gears and replaced it with a conventional stick.
The iDrive controller is still there, allowing traditional buttons to be pressed and a rotary dial to be turned, or you can use the touchscreen.
Three operating modes -- low, general and high -- are offered on the machine, controlled by a rotary dial. While the electric motor runs at 1,200rpm in the 'low' setting, the 'general' setting bumps up engine speed to 1,600rpm while the 'high' mode increase it further to 1,800rpm.
It's a simple system to get along with, and is controlled by a central rotary dial - a welcome change from the current trend of touchscreen versions which can be tricky to use on the move.
Available in rear-wheel and all-wheel drive variants, the XE features an eight-speed automatic gear box, with a new sportshift lever replacing the old rotary dial. New manual paddle-shifts on the steering wheel also offer an engaging drive.
The drive selector has been moved close to the handbrake, unlike the rotary dial that sits on the dash in the India-spec Kwid AMT.
Instead, the Expedition now features a rotary dial that is now common in Land Rovers, Jaguars and other luxurious vehicles.
The black leather sports seats can be heated and offer excellent support and there's a generous level of techno treats to be explored, including Alfa Romeo's Uconnect 8.8in 3D navigation infotainment system which is controlled by a rotary dial (not touchscreen) and includes smartphone connection via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Bluetooth, a superb Harman Kardon sound system, DAB radio, dual zone climate control and lots more besides.
AT&T invented and developed the telephone keypad in the 1960s, but consumers remained accustomed to using the rotary dial. The touch-tone keypad emerged as a popular form of telephone interface in the 1980s, in part because of the government's endeavor to divest AT&T's monopoly on telephone services.
But why, asks Peter Sykes, did old-fashioned rotary dial phones also have letters as well as numbers?