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v. ro·tat·ed, ro·tat·ing, ro·tates
1. To turn around on an axis or center. See Synonyms at turn.
2. To proceed in sequence; take turns or alternate: Interns will rotate through the various departments.
1. To cause to turn on an axis or center.
a. To plant or grow (crops) in a fixed order of succession.
b. To cause to alternate or proceed in sequence: The coach rotates her players frequently near the end of the game.
Having radiating parts; wheel-shaped.

[Latin rotāre, rotāt-, from rota, wheel; see ret- in Indo-European roots.]

ro′tat′a·ble adj.
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Adj.1.rotated - turned in a circle around an axis
turned - moved around an axis or center
References in classic literature ?
The three gentlemen rotated in the pool breast high, after the fashion of the nymphs in Gotterdammerung.
We discovered that if we rotated the nock on our shafts a third of a turn (for a 3-fletch arrow), the arrow would hit in a different place.
com)-- For those who have ever had the issue of an upside down PDF document that needs to be rotated in a hurry without actually paying for it or installing anything - a solution is now available.
1 : something that has been turned upon itself, coiled, or rotated <twists of rope>
Eighty percent of them worked daytime schedules, 7 percent worked nights, and 13 percent rotated between day and night hours.
Is the left side rotated forward (appearing closer to you than the right)?
The new blade system has four identical cutting blades, which can be rotated from top to bottom and front to back.
The neutron spin is rotated in the first [pi]/2 coil.
The final challenge was to figure out how to keep the secondary cage centered while it rotated.
Valvetronic places an intermediate follower between the cam lobe and rocker arm, and is held in place by an eccentric shaft that is rotated by a small servo motor.