rotating shaft

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Noun1.rotating shaft - a revolving rod that transmits power or motion
camshaft - has cams attached to it
crankshaft - a rotating shaft driven by (or driving) a crank
driveshaft - a rotating shaft that transmits power from the engine to the point of application
rod - a long thin implement made of metal or wood
rotating mechanism - a mechanism that rotates
mandrel, mandril, arbor, spindle - any of various rotating shafts that serve as axes for larger rotating parts
transmission shaft - rotating shaft that transmits rotary motion from the engine to the differential
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SKF offers solutions around the rotating shaft, including bearings, seals, lubrication, condition monitoring and maintenance services.
Others include biotechnology firm Kirkstall, UV light detection group Paraytec, propeller and rotating shaft monitoring group Gyrometric Systems, and Sentinel Medical, a spin out of Paraytec developing technology to detect cancer cells in urine.
It complements its existing offer around the rotating shaft and will strengthen its ability to offer customers a fee-based value proposition, in which lubrication management systems play an important role.
The fluorescent safety vest he was wearing got caught and, in a split second, was wrapped around a rotating shaft.
The fluorescent safety vest he was wearing got caught and in a split second it was wrapped around a rotating shaft.
SKF added that the divestment is part of its efforts to focus on its core business and value propositions around the rotating shaft. In total, these divestment have now raised approximately SEK6.7bn.
Iranian defense ministry in a ceremony last Tuesday unveiled a new home-made propulsion system for high-speed vessels with a rotating shaft and 1,800 seahorse power.
The leakage volume when the shaft was not rotating at the same operating pressure was different in different experiments and varied from the leakage volume in the case of rotating shaft ([Q.sub.H]) up to 1.5 [Q.sub.H].
As the torque increases the rotating shaft twists very slightly along its length which causes one comb to expand and the other to contract in proportion to the torque being experienced.

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