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a. The act or process of turning around a center or an axis: the axial rotation of the earth.
b. A single complete cycle of such motion.
2. Mathematics A transformation of a coordinate system in which the new axes have a specified angular displacement from their original position while the origin remains fixed.
3. Regular and uniform variation in a sequence or series: a rotation of personnel; crop rotation.
4. Baseball
a. The sequence in which the starting pitchers on a team pitch in games.
b. The pitchers used in such a sequence: a team with an excellent rotation.

ro·ta′tion·al adj.
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Adj.1.rotational - of or pertaining to rotation; "rotational inertia"
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[rəʊˈteɪʃənəl] ADJrotacional
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Rotational molding is a polymer processing technology for the creation of seamless, hollow parts, which excels by a high degree of design flexibility and the ability to create parts with large dimensions like storage tanks, casings for engines or kayaks [1].
'To ensure that the limited supply is equitably and efficiently distributed to its customers, Maynilad will be implementing a new schedule of rotational service interruptions beginning July 9, 2019,' Maynilad said on its Facebook page.
Increased rotational traction is linked to increased risk of lower limb injury hence Aspetar is studying ways to reduce rotational traction between the players' shoe and the playing surface leading up to the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar.
LIST: Areas affected by Meralco rotational brownout on April 23 !-- -- ( - April 23, 2019 - 12:56pm MANILA, Philippines Manila Electric Co.
The power for flying cars is the combination of strength and speed or for flying cars, rotational force and rotational speed.
On the basis of product, the rheometers and viscometers market is segmented into rheometers (further segmented into dynamic rotational rheometers, torque rotational rheometers, capillary rheometers, oscillatory rheometers, high-throughput rheometers and other rheometers) and viscometers (further segmented into rotational viscometers, process viscometers, capillary viscometers and other viscometers).
This means either the rotational axis of the earth, or the magnetic pole of the earth had shifted.
Conformis announced publication of a study showing that patients treated with the iTotal CR Knee Replacement Systems achieved better tibial fit and tibial rotational alignment compared to patients treated with three different off-the-shelf total knee arthroscopy products.
As CEO, I will focus on servicing our customer base, increasing operational scale and efficiency, and seeing the company become the leading rotational molded in the United States."
Rotational atherectomy (RA) can facilitate lesion and stent expansion in severely calcified lesions especially in patients undergoing hemodialysis [4]; however, its utility is limited in tortuous and angulated coronary arteries, with an increased risk of vessel perforation and difficulty in delivery of the RA burr.