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Adv.1.rotationally - in a rotational manner; "the required influence lines are found by subjecting the model to small displacements horizontally, vertically and rotationally"
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The measured tensile strength, tensile modulus, and impact strength of rotationally molded parts subjected to various processing conditions are shown in Figs.
Rotationally grazed livestock is one of the few proven ways of sequestrating carbon we have.
They fall into three groups: fully secure steel versions with lockable doors, steel sump pallets for indoor use and rotationally moulded polyethylene models for indoor and outdoor use.
* Rotationally molded of weatherproof polyethylene in a single unit for strength
The objectives of this study were to compare pasture productivity and beef (Bos taurus L.) stocker performance on rotationally stocked alfalfa and tall wheatgrass monocultures and on rotationally and continuously stocked alfalfa-tall wheatgrass.
Rotationally moulded in high quality polythene, the inner tank is a
In 1997, Williams fashioned a prototype Sport Performance Trailer (SPT) from an 850-gallon elliptical rotationally molded water storage tank.
Also available are water-cooled chillers from 105 to 500 tons with vertical screw compressors; a complete line of pump assemblies, including 200-, 400-, and 1400-gal, rotationally molded PE tanks, as well as stainless and epoxy-coated steel tanks; and cooling towers from 20 to 500 tons.
They are rotationally molded in a single piece from sturdy high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for consistent wall thicknesses that permit bolting of the fork safety tubes through the sidewalls without cracking or distortion.
Rotationally molded from FDA/USDA-approved polyethylene and fitted with a stainless steel, dust-tight slide gate, the bulk container enables food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other processors to store, transport, mix and dispense ingredients and other powders in measured amounts.
Other members of the consortium included Crompton Mouldings Ltd, who manufactured the rotationally moulded liner, Celanese Corporation, who supplied the thermoplastic raw materials, Element Ltd, who conducted the rigorous testing of the vessels and Oxford Brookes University, who produced the data analysis and end-of-life recycling analysis.