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1. Of, relating to, causing, or characterized by rotation.
2. Characterized by or occurring in alternation or succession.

ro′ta′tive·ly adv.


(ˈroʊ teɪ tɪv)

1. rotating or pertaining to rotation.
2. producing rotation.
3. happening in regular succession.
[1770–80; < Latin rotāt(us) (see rotate1) + -ive]
ro′ta•tive•ly (-teɪ tɪv li, -tə-) adv.
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La representation des centrales syndicales au sein des autres instances regionales et sous regionales se fait de facon rotative, par ordre de classement, notamment au Conseil du Travail dit de Dialogue Social de l'UEMOA, a l'Assemblee Generale du Forum de Dialogue Social de la CEDEAO, au Mecanisme d'Evaluation par les Pairs.
The company says visitors to the stand will see a demonstration featuring robotic marking of large rotative aerospace components.
Simulation model of rotative and continuous grazing systems of ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.) in bovine cattle.
For histomorphologic analysis, serial sections with 5-pm-thickness were performed, using manual rotative microtome (Olympus 4060), equipped with steel razor.
Au chapitre des changements, le bouton-poussoir qui controle les fonctions d'eclairage et qui remplace la commande rotative du modele precedent, est insere dans le panneau situe a gauche du volant.
In the calculation of the overall propulsion efficiency (OPC), it was assumed that the pump efficiency was 0.89 and the relative rotative efficiency was 0.98.
Tenders are invited for Precision rotative mil transducer
Objectif : La presente analyse a ete effectuee pour determiner si l'utilisation d'une brosse a dents electrique rotative et oscillante (Oral-B Professional Care 1000") par les residants des centres hospitaliers de soins de longue duree (CHSLD) au cours d'une periode de 6 semaines reduirait l'inflammation systemique telle que mesuree par les niveaux de proteines C reactives, par rapport aux soins habituels.
The aim of this study was to investigate how far the organizational commitment and job satisfaction influence rotative intention.
Rotative Pressure-Arch Structure of Key Blocks of the Periodic Fractured Roof.
These include the oldest engine house, dating from 1849 and within the premises are a 1904 built rotative beam engine and a gas engine, dating from 1914, which is claimed to be the largest working preserved example in Europe.