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1. Of, relating to, causing, or characterized by rotation.
2. Characterized by or occurring in alternation or succession.

ro′ta′tive·ly adv.


(ˈroʊ teɪ tɪv)

1. rotating or pertaining to rotation.
2. producing rotation.
3. happening in regular succession.
[1770–80; < Latin rotāt(us) (see rotate1) + -ive]
ro′ta•tive•ly (-teɪ tɪv li, -tə-) adv.
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Je m'occupais tout : distribution de la copie aux linotypistes, correction des articles, pagination, correction des morasses, et envoi des pages pour en faire des plaques avant le montage dans la rotative.
These include the oldest engine house, dating from 1849 and within the premises are a 1904 built rotative beam engine and a gas engine, dating from 1914, which is claimed to be the largest working preserved example in Europe.
The system has a throughput of up to 10 m/m for semi-rotative cutting rand 30 m/m for rotative cutting.
The clamp carrier includes a rotative frame according to the required configuration; a hydraulic power unit; and a hydraulic tightening tool with joystick control and built-in torque control valve.
The engines are the largest surviving and working Woolf compound rotative beam engines in the country.
This invention, added to the efficient utilisation of rotative steam power by Boulton and Watt of Birmingham, provided Manchester with the wherewithal to achieve the status of an industrial city after Birmingham had.
Thereafter, the mixture (solvent + powder) was filtered and the solvent was evaporated by rotative evaporator to obtain the crude extract of leaves of P.
Qu'on parle de video, d'animation numerique, de composition generative ou d'art Internet, les editions numeriques de ces oeuvres sont plus proches de leurs originaux que la photographie d'une peinture ou la vue rotative d'une sculpture.