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1. Of, relating to, causing, or characterized by rotation: a rotatory muscle.
2. Occurring or proceeding in alternation or succession.


(ˈrəʊtətərɪ; -trɪ) or less commonly


of, relating to, possessing, or causing rotation
ˈrotatively adv


(ˈroʊ təˌtɔr i, -ˌtoʊr i)

1. pertaining to, of the nature of, or causing rotation: rotatory motion.
2. rotating, as an object.
3. passing or following in rotation or succession.
[1745–55; < New Latin rotātōrius= Latin rotā(re) (see rotate1) + -tōrius -tory1]
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Adj.1.rotatory - of or relating to or characteristic or causing an axial or orbital turn


[rəʊˈteɪtərɪ] ADJrotativo


rotierend; rotatory motionDrehbewegung f
scheduleturnusmäßig; cultivationabwechselnd
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A wooden shaft, which set in motion a capstan concealed in the interior of the little edifice, imparted a rotatory motion to the wheel, which always maintained its horizontal position, and in this manner presented the face of the condemned man to all quarters of the square in succession.
Soon the blood burst forth, and could be seen trickling in a thousand threads down the hunchback's black shoulders; and the slender thongs, in their rotatory motion which rent the air, sprinkled drops of it upon the crowd.
With a shock he became aware of me, and was severely visited as before; but this time his motion was rotatory, and he staggered round and round me with knees more afflicted, and with uplifted hands as if beseeching for mercy.
Du Bousquier rubbed his cotton night-cap to the top of his head with a rotatory motion, which plainly indicated the tremendous fermentation of his ideas.
The animal an instant before bursting expanded to half again its natural size; and the explosion took place about fifteen seconds after the rapid progressive motion had ceased: in a few cases it was preceded for a short interval by a rotatory movement on the longer axis.
That night, at the close of a stormy twilight and under a strong west wind that followed the breaking of the frost, Leonard Crane was wending his way in a wild rotatory walk round and round the high, continuous wall that inclosed the little wood.
Even a lazy man, who does nothing but make debts, has time to marry a widow who pays them; a priest finds time to become a bishop "in partibus." A sober, intelligent young fellow, who begins with a small capital as a money-changer, soon buys a share in a broker's business; and, to go even lower, a petty clerk becomes a notary, a rag-picker lays by two or three thousand francs a year, and the poorest workmen often become manufacturers; whereas, in the rotatory movement of this present civilization, which mistakes perpetual division and redivision for progress, an unhappy civil service clerk, like Chazelle for instance, is forced to dine for twenty-two sous a meal, struggles with his tailor and bootmaker, gets into debt, and is an absolute nothing; worse than that, he becomes an idiot!
[USPRwire, Fri Aug 30 2019] Linear motion systems typically utilize the screw mechanism to transfer rotatory movements into linear movements.
Tenders are invited for drilling, boring and installation of 1 nos tubewell with (reverse rotatory method) in village, teekri ward no 29 under municipal corporation gurugram and all other works contingent thereto.
Summary: Linear motion systems typically utilize the screw mechanism to transfer rotatory movements into linear movements.
He vowed that Tunisia would do its best through its rotatory presidency of the Arab summit to contribute to consolidate the fundamentals of the Arab security in all its dimensions, emanating from the Arab joint action.
In the case of VV ECMO, a single cannula is placed in the vein and with the help of a rotatory pump, the blood is artificially drawn to the machine.