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Consequently, the knowledge obtained through education should focus on the preservation of intellectual creativity over simple rote learning.
Hence, it is important for schools to develop these skills along with maintaining a good academic record rather than just focusing on rote learning.
The 2-6-3-3 marks a major departure from the current system, emphasising competence as opposed to rote learning and sheer knowledge acquisition.
Our educational system is based on rote learning , as the student which are best in memorization get more marks and grade from the critical thinkers.
He said that a modern educational system was being developed to replace rote learning and promote creative ideas.
established standards and aim at eliminating rote learning and encouraging the development of conceptual understanding and application among our children.
It emphasizes common mistakes and what they find difficult, and principles of accidence and syntax to decrease rote learning. This volume explains a wider range of grammatical forms and constructions, with a vocabulary of 450 words and reading material about the developing Republic, the war with Hannibal, the rise of Julius Caesar, and Augustus and the early emperors, as well as practice passages and revision sentences for GCSE.
She further said that teachers need to defy the system of rote learning and emphasize critical thinking in education.
Online courses are changing the way students learn, educators say, placing less emphasis on the rote learning that has long characterised education in parts of Asia, and harnessing modern consumer technologies.
ERIC Descriptors: Teaching Methods; Measures (Individuals); Learning Strategies; English (Second Language); Foreign Countries; Vocabulary; Rote Learning; Vocabulary Development; Questionnaires; Interviews; Cognitive Style; Memorization; English Language Learners; Instructional Effectiveness; Role Perception
The rapid progress shown by his students was mirrored by greater self-motivation and the whole learning process was found to be much more enjoyable and relaxing than traditional rote learning.