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A very toxic white crystalline compound, C23H22O6, extracted from the roots of various plants, especially those of the genera Derris, Paraderris, and Lonchocarpus in the pea family, and used as an insecticide.

[Japanese rōten, plant of the genus Derris from which rotenone was isolated + -one.]


(Elements & Compounds) a white odourless crystalline substance extracted from the roots of derris: a powerful insecticide. Formula: C23H22O6; relative density: 1.27; melting pt: 163°C
[C20: from Japanese rōten derris + -one]


(ˈroʊt nˌoʊn)

a white, crystalline compound, C23H22O6, obtained from derris and cube root: used as an insecticide.
[1920–25; roten- (said to be < Japanese) + -one]
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Noun1.rotenone - a white crystalline insecticide that has low toxicity for mammals; is used in home gardens; extracted from the roots of derris and cube
insect powder, insecticide - a chemical used to kill insects
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(iii) We hypothesize that measurements of timing in swallowing (swallow onset delay, pharyngeal transit time, interswallow interval, and swallow rate) will increase following rotenone injections.
The results displayed that resveratrol affected the microglial response to rotenone via modulating MPO and thus prevented neurons from rotenone-induced injury.
Even though pesticides approved for use in organic agriculture are considered to be safer for humans and the environment, there's some criticism that safer doesn't mean "safe." A few organic pesticides that have come under fire are rotenone, which is derived from the roots of a tropical legume, and spinosad, which comes from bacteria.
Albert officials used the chemical rotenone Tuesday to ward off the giant goldfish before they could spread to the Sturgeon River and disturb the ecosystem, the Toronto Metro reported.
Rotenone is a common agricultural pesticide, as well as a pisciside (Grefte et al.
"This raises concern because exposure to other mitochondrialinhibiting drugs - such as rotenone and MPTP --is associated with increased risk for Parkinson's disease."
Beginning on Monday, August 21 and continuing through September 30, biologists will use rotenone, a piscicide (fish toxin) to remove fish in the upper Gibbon River drainage.
Rotenone extract has a great impact as an insecticidal product and can be isolated naturally from the roots of Derris sp.
Cycloheximide (R750107), rotenone (R8875), and rhodamine 123 (R8004) were purchased from Sigma.
[sup.123]I-labeled rotenone derivative ([sup.123]I-CMICE-013) has been produced using a simple one-step synthetic procedure with an improved radiochemical yield and high stability compared with its uptake with tetrofosmin, sestamibi, and [sup.201]Tl in a porcine model of stress-induced myocardial ischemia [37].
Fish & Wildlife Service has tried to eradicate the carp, resorting five times to the nuclear option of invasive aquatic species removal: sterilizing the entire lake with the chemical Rotenone. But a few carp always survive by burrowing into the mud, and then their population booms - sometimes the carp are so thick that they ripple the surface of Malheur Lake like a stiff breeze.