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n. pl. ro·tis
See chapati.

[Hindi and Urdu roṭī, ultimately from Prakrit roṭṭa; possibly akin to Prakrit roṁcai, and Sanskrit roṭate, to strike against, both of unknown origin.]
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(ˈrəʊtɪ; ˈrʊtɪ)
(Cookery) (in India and the Caribbean) a type of unleavened bread
[from Hindi: bread]
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Taking to Twitter, she said: "Students are being served salt and rotis in mid-day meals in a school in Mirzapur.
LAHORE -- In a bid to make the basic necessities of life easily affordable and accessible in Naya Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan is making sure that people can get rotis and naans at the cheapest possible rates.
Speaker KP Assembly Mushtaq Ghani has rubbed Pakistanis the wrong way after suggesting that in the country's current time of inflation people should cut down the number of rotis they consume.
Dubai: Every day, outside a mosque in Dubai, Ghulam Mohammad parks his bicycle, with a box that contains many packets of rotis (unleavened bread).
I love using rotis to mop up the deep, sweet juices.
We decided to bring two rotis each from our homes, along with some curry.
The Deputy Commissioner (D.C) Peshawar was receiving consecutive complaints regarding the selling of under-weight rotis on which directed all Additional Assistant Commissioners (AACs) for initiating action against bakers involved in the practice.
Now, the ubiquitous rotis can be found every weekend at Ripe's Food Market in Safa Park, Dubai.
AN EIGHT- YEAR- OLD boy was brutally beaten up and branded with a hot iron rod by his elder brother, a labourer, for demanding more than two rotis during a meal.
Muhammad Ali said no food outlet or Tandoor owner would be allowed to charge the price of Rotis at their will.