rotor shaft

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Noun1.rotor shaft - the axis around which the major rotor of a helicopter turns
axis of rotation, axis - the center around which something rotates
main rotor - rotor consisting of large rotating airfoils on a single-rotor helicopter that produce the lift to support the helicopter in the air
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A vertical rotor shaft in a new series of centrifugal dryers reportedly ensures longer dwell time in the drying chamber with a significantly smaller footprint than horizontal systems.
This TwinDisc PS7 shows a reduced width of the disc and thus resulting in smaller contact surface to the rotor shaft. This guarantees significantly reduced energy consumption.
Schaeffler provides Vestas with special spherical roller bearings that are used as rotor shaft bearings in 2MW and 3MW wind turbines.
Each impeller was spin tested before being mounted onto the new rotor shaft
This will provide our students with the opportunity to see and understand the workings of a hub, which is fixed to the rotor shaft that drives the wind turbine generator.
Today, the rotor shaft, which turns inside the stator to induce current, is steel.
Among the topics are synthesizing zinc oxide nanoparticles by solid state reactions and its influence on a zinc electrode, the effect of isothermal treatment on the microstructure and properties of high performance steel, simulation and casting processes for ductile iron wind generator rotor shaft, effects of additives on semiconduction transformation in lead zirconate titanate ceramic induced by atomic hydrogen, tungsten cathodes doped with rare earth for pulsed xenon lamps, and the shielding effect in the sacrificial anode cathodic protection system.
The design consists of two conical hubs mounted on the rotor shaft, at opposite ends of the axial stator, which also has a conical end-surface.
The corrosion was so bad that they had to remove the assembly, which fits over the main rotor shaft and rests on the top of the main gear box.
All models utilize energy optimized tooling that operates at tip speeds up to 70m/s with low power consumption, in addition to a sanitary high-speed mechanical seal that eliminates potential trap ares around the rotor shaft for improved CIP/SIP results.
Rotor brakes can be mounted on the low speed rotor shaft, on the high-speed generator shaft, and in some cases on both shafts.
Features include self-lubricating HSN seals molded directly onto the vanes and rotor shaft and a mechanism that allows users to dial in rotational stops of less than the standard rotation.