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An aircraft, especially a helicopter, whose lift is generated by airfoils rotating around a vertical axis.


(Aeronautics) an aircraft that is propelled by rotating airfoils


(ˈroʊ tərˌkræft, -ˌkrɑft)

a rotary-wing aircraft.
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Rotorcraft Pro Publisher Brig Bearden invites everyone attending the exhibition to enter.
The heavy lift, vertical take-off and landing rotorcraft is specifically geared to "address the limitations and expense of transporting equipment and materials to remote regions," according to a spokesman.
LUH is a new three-ton, single-engine, multipurpose rotorcraft designed by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.
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Robust manufacturing programs, she says, will attract engineers and help revitalize the aging rotorcraft industry work force.
We have important knowledge and capabilities in unmanned rotorcraft, said Moretti, adding it was important for the firms Yeovil facility in England that the MoD financed the development of an unmanned rotorcraft.
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US helicopter maker Sikorsky Aircraft Corp (NYSE: UTX) and US airframer Boeing (NYSE: BA) said they have formed a joint venture to compete for sustainment services in support of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's rotorcraft fleet.
MILITARY orders should make the next 10 years a busy decade for rotorcraft manufacturers, according to a recent study by Forecast International Inc.
Fixed wing aircraft, rotorcraft, a fledging vertical and unmanned;combat aircraft, trainer, transport, maritime patrol, for assistance to civilian aviation, combat helicopters, transport, tactical and special, missile systems, simulators and special materials;Accessories, equipment, apparatus (avionics, engineering, motor) for fixed wing aircraft, rotorcraft, a fledging vertical and unmanned;pyrotechnic materials and board armament;rescue material;Clothing and accessories aviator;Carbolubrificanti;ground support equipment, related accessories and spare parts.