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1. An animation technique in which frames or cels are traced from a live-action movie.
2. The technique of converting a live-action movie into one that appears to be drawn or painted using a computer algorithm.

[After the Rotoscope, a device for tracing from live-action movies invented in 1915 by Max Fleischer (1883-1972), American animator.]
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There are limitations with 3G, rotoscoping and other such 'magical' technologies in terms of replicating or moving things and it is hugely time-consuming.
To accomplish this, Sabry uses a wide range of techniques, such as rotoscoping (tracing live action footage to create animation), painting and digital manipulations.
an artist rotoscoping every frame) or requires a studio environment with a green screen for real-time background removal (a technique referred to as chroma keying)."
Creating complex shapes in Avid Media Composer, rotoscoping in half the time and creating automated garbage masks for witness protection are now all available in Mocha inside the Continuum and Sapphire suites.
For the black-and-white flashback scenes, artists use a technique called "rotoscoping", where the scene is filmed live, but the frames are captured and then painted over.
His seventh feature, Waking Life, is a collaboration with animator Bob Sabiston, who created a rotoscoping computer program that allows artists to animate directly over digital video footage.
(The analog technique of Rotoscoping was available to produce the animation.) But, in fact, it is the legitimation of subjectivity in the 21st century, not the technology, that gives the film its potency, and at no cost to its documentary value (Morag 139).
Additionally, Edwards avoiding using green screens and opted to do a lot more Rotoscoping, which involved shooting actors on location and later swapping out the physical items instead of shooting everything against a flat screen.
He has released three short films so far, two of which fall under the rotoscoping animation genre.
Produced with rotoscoping, "Manang Biring" is a rare animated film produced in the Philippines and the first animated feature from the country to screen at Annecy.