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adj. rot·ten·er, rot·ten·est
1. Being in a state of putrefaction or decay; decomposed.
2. Having a foul odor resulting from or suggestive of decay; putrid.
3. Made weak or unsound by rot: rotten floorboards.
4. Morally corrupt or despicable: She's rotten to the core.
5. Very bad; wretched: rotten weather.
To a very great degree: The child is spoiled rotten.

[Middle English roten, from Old Norse rotinn.]

rot′ten·ly adv.
rot′ten·ness n.
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Noun1.rottenness - in a state of progressive putrefaction
putrefaction, rot - a state of decay usually accompanied by an offensive odor
2.rottenness - the quality of rotting and becoming putrid
unwholesomeness, morbidness, morbidity - the quality of being unhealthful and generally bad for you


عَفَن، تَعَفُّن


[ˈrɒtnnɪs] Npodredumbre f (fig) → corrupción f


n (of vegetation, egg, fruit, tooth)Faulheit f; (of wood)Morschheit f, → Faulheit f; (fig: = corruptness) → Korruptheit f, → Verdorbenheit f


(rot) past tense, past participle ˈrotted verb
to make or become bad or decayed. The fruit is rotting on the ground; Water rots wood.
1. decay. The floorboards are affected by rot.
2. nonsense. Don't talk rot!
ˈrotten adjective
1. (of meat, fruit etc) having gone bad; decayed. rotten vegetables.
2. bad; mean. What rotten luck!; It was a rotten thing to do.
ˈrottenness noun
ˈrotter noun
a mean, bad person. an absolute rotter.
References in classic literature ?
After Jurgis had been there awhile he would know that the plants were simply honeycombed with rottenness of that sort--the bosses grafted off the men, and they grafted off each other; and some day the superintendent would find out about the boss, and then he would graft off the boss.
Its panelled rooms, discoloured with the dirt and smoke of a hundred years, I dare say; its decaying floors and staircase; the squeaking and scuffling of the old grey rats down in the cellars; and the dirt and rottenness of the place; are things, not of many years ago, in my mind, but of the present instant.
That I got them off, closed with her, threw her down, and got them over her; that I dragged the great cloth from the table for the same purpose, and with it dragged down the heap of rottenness in the midst, and all the ugly things that sheltered there; that we were on the ground struggling like desperate enemies, and that the closer I covered her, the more wildly she shrieked and tried to free herself; that this occurred I knew through the result, but not through anything I felt, or thought, or knew I did.
He tells us that they died suddenly and violently and in madness; but nothing can exceed the bitter mockery with which he records the loathsome disease, and "death by rottenness," of the fierce and cruel governor.
A finger poked through it, and it broke away in rustling flakes of ashy rottenness.
With the Americans, indeed, the crudity and the rottenness are identical and simultaneous; it is impossible to say, as in the conversation of this deplorable young man, which is one and which is the other; they are inextricably mingled.
By little and little he has been induced to trust in that rotten reed, and it communicates some portion of its rottenness to everything around him.
Here you shall lie alone and in darkness with the carcass of your accomplice festering in its rottenness by your side, until crazed by loneliness and hunger you feed upon the crawling maggots that were once a man.
You go against rottenness, and there is nothing more thoroughly rotten than making people believe that society can be cured by a political hocus-pocus.
I found none clean, noble, and alive, though I found many who were alive--with rottenness.
The talk had led on from the Graft Prosecution and the latest signs that the town was to be run wide open, down through all the grotesque sordidness and rottenness of manhate and man-meanness, until the name of O'Brien was mentioned--O'Brien, the promising young pugilist who had been killed in the prize-ring the night before.
One thing he teaches, that there is rottenness where he appears.