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A soft decomposed limestone, used in powder form as a polishing material.


(Geological Science) a much-weathered limestone, rich in silica: used in powdered form for polishing metal


(ˈrɒt nˌstoʊn)

a decomposed siliceous limestone, used as a powder for polishing metals.
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Noun1.rottenstone - a weathered and decomposed siliceous limestone; in powdered form it is used in polishing
limestone - a sedimentary rock consisting mainly of calcium that was deposited by the remains of marine animals
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The next step is to anoint the wood with rottenstone. Wipe a small amount on evenly with your hand and then rub or polish the stock with a soft cloth.
My usual method calls for mixing Pilkington's Stock Rubbing Oil (clear linseed oil) with Rottenstone (a Brownells brand which I had on hand) on a felt pad and rubbing out the stock.