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A soft decomposed limestone, used in powder form as a polishing material.


(Geological Science) a much-weathered limestone, rich in silica: used in powdered form for polishing metal


(ˈrɒt nˌstoʊn)

a decomposed siliceous limestone, used as a powder for polishing metals.
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Noun1.rottenstone - a weathered and decomposed siliceous limestone; in powdered form it is used in polishing
limestone - a sedimentary rock consisting mainly of calcium that was deposited by the remains of marine animals
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The rottenstone sticks in the pores and eventually fills them as you repeat the process of applying slackum oil, rubbing it off, applying rottenstone, and final polishing.
A segment on gneissic host rocks begins with the Rottenstone deposit, continues with the Gordon-Werner Lake area and ends with the Namew Lake deposit.
Uravan Minerals(17): Uravan (Calgary) is exploring for PGMs on its Rottenstone property, northern Saskatchewan and its Canalask-Onion property in the southwest Yukon Territory.