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1. Rounded in figure; plump. See Synonyms at fat.
2. Round or spherical: "a rotund jar of limpid honey" (Aleksandar Hemon).

[Latin rotundus; see ret- in Indo-European roots.]

ro·tun′di·ty, ro·tund′ness n.
ro·tund′ly adv.
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Adv.1.rotundly - in a sonorous manner; "the congregation consisted chiefly of a few young folk, who snored sonorously"
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Then he thought the rotundly affable Peter Bates, publisher of a local glossy magazine, was pinching Wallace's latest girlfriend's behind.
Our gannet-like gluttony saw us retreating rotundly to the hotel's White Bar, a favourite with the city's fashionistas.
As the chef assigns the task of purchasing and preparing food for an upcoming party, a rotundly padded Airaldi nearly chokes trying to get out a request for money, knowing the wrath his master will unleash.