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 (bro͞om′rāp′, bro͝om′-)
Any of various parasitic herbs of the genus Orobanche, having purplish or yellowish flowers and small scalelike leaves that lack chlorophyll. Broomrape grows on the roots of various plants.

[Translation of Medieval Latin rāpum genistae : Latin rāpum, underground stock of a tree + Latin genistae, genitive of genista, broom (from the growth of these tubers on the roots of broom).]


(ˈbruːmˌreɪp; ˈbrʊm-)
(Plants) any orobanchaceous plant of the genus Orobanche: brownish small-flowered leafless parasites on the roots of other plants, esp on legumes
[C16: adaptation and partial translation of Medieval Latin rāpum genistae tuber (hence: root nodule) of Genista (a type of broom plant)]


(ˈbrumˌreɪp, ˈbrʊm-)

any of various parasitic plants living on the roots of broom and other plants.
[1570–80; partial translation of Medieval Latin rāpum genistae tuber of the broom plant]
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If there is also yang vacuity, he adds Rou Cong Rong (Herba cistanchis).
During periods of remission, he continues regulating and supplementing the lungs and kidneys by commonly adding Tai Zi Shen (Radix Pseudostellariae), Huang Jing (Rhizoma Polygoni), Shan Zhu Yu (Fructus Corni), Gou Qi Zi (Fructus Lycii), Rou Cong Rong (Herba Cistanchis), Yin Yang Huo (Herba Epimedii), and Dong Chong Xia Cao (Cordyceps Chinensis).