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Noun1.rough drawing - a preliminary sketch of a design or picturerough drawing - a preliminary sketch of a design or picture
sketch, study - preliminary drawing for later elaboration; "he made several studies before starting to paint"
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"Never mind," said he at length, "this will answer;" and he drew from his waistcoat pocket a scrap of what I took to be very dirty foolscap, and made upon it a rough drawing with the pen.
These signatures, traced of course by their own hands, are rough drawings of the creatures or weapons they were called after.
Liverpool naval architect Frank Wolstenholme, 43, sketched out a diagram, right, showing New Brighton promenade as a hovercraft terminal and now his rough drawing is stimulating interest.
All of the sites required me to make a rough drawing of the room's floor plan with measurements, and to take photos of the room and furniture.
I like making a rough drawing in the field along with notes on what to add later.
At a family birthday dinner in 2002, Edward Schlossberg, a designer who is married to Caroline Kennedy, the senator's niece, presented him with a rough drawing and an idea for a facility that would represent more of a political learning experience than simply an overview of the Senate.
On one sheet, make a rough drawing of your garden, noting the sizes of beds or rows.
(5) 82 Tropical lizard (5) 85 Common sense (10) 86 Begin to produce results (4,6) 87 Rough drawing (6) 88 Household pest (9) 89 Costly (9) 91 Reduce (5,4) 94 Handle (4,4) 95 Reps (8) 99 Northern lights (6) 100 Strive against (6) 101 Gaudy (6) 105 Assembly of church officials (5) 106 Vicinities (5) 107 Malcolm X director, Lee (5) 109 Successful stroke (4) 111 Industrial injury?
(4) In my catalogue, Turner's Watercolour Explorations, Tate Gallery, 1997, I advanced the distinction between a watercolour sketch and a watercolour study as being, in the former case, a rough drawing that had no issue, and in the latter case a rough drawing from which the artist went on to elaborate a finished work.
Months of doodling later, a rough drawing of Mickey "appeared" on the corner of a paper napkin and the rest is history.
Before adding any more to your graph paper use an overlay of transparent paper for rough drawing, as you will want to make several changes throughout the process.