rough out

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rough out

vb (tr, adverb)
1. See rough33
2. (General Engineering) engineering to machine (a workpiece, such as a casting or forging) with heavy cuts leaving a rough surface to be finished
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Verb1.rough out - prepare in preliminary or sketchy form
prepare - to prepare verbally, either for written or spoken delivery; "prepare a report"; "prepare a speech"
يَشْرَحُ أو يُفَسِّرُ بصورَةٍ عامَّه
útskÿra/teikna í grófum dráttum
kabataslak yapmak

w>rough out

vt sep plan, drawinggrob entwerfen


(raf) adjective
1. not smooth. Her skin felt rough.
2. uneven. a rough path.
3. harsh; unpleasant. a rough voice; She's had a rough time since her husband died.
4. noisy and violent. rough behaviour.
5. stormy. The sea was rough; rough weather.
6. not complete or exact; approximate. a rough drawing; a rough idea/estimate.
1. a violent bully. a gang of roughs.
2. uneven or uncultivated ground on a golf course. I lost my ball in the rough.
ˈroughly adverb
ˈroughness noun
ˈroughage (-fidʒ) noun
substances in food, eg bran or fibre, which help digestion.
ˈroughen verb
to make or become rough. The sea roughened as the wind rose.
rough diamond
a person of fine character but rough manners.
ˌrough-and-ˈready adjective
1. not carefully made or finished, but good enough. a rough-and-ready meal.
2. (of people) friendly enough but without politeness etc.
ˌrough-and-ˈtumble noun
friendly fighting between children etc.
rough it
to live for a period of time without the comforts or conveniences of modern life. They roughed it in the jungles for two months.
rough out
to draw or explain roughly. I roughed out a diagram; He roughed out his plan.