rough water

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Noun1.rough water - used of the sea during inclement or stormy weatherrough water - used of the sea during inclement or stormy weather
storminess - the state of being stormy; "he dreaded the storminess of the North Atlantic in winter"
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The Marionette, being made of wood, floated easily along and swam like a fish in the rough water.
If we had been at sea this fellow would have dived from the ship's side and brought up as many oysters as the whole crew could stomach, even in rough water, for he has dived beautifully off his chariot on to the ground.
But the would-be rescuers encountered such rough water that they couldn't get back to their station.
This time, the event will showcase the world's deepest multi-passenger submersible; the one-wheel self-balancing electric skateboard; the diving machine that can do a 90 degree jump out of water; dune buggies that reach 0-150kmph in less than three seconds, the rough water catamaran; and even a jet ski that turns into a diving machine.
Top-level canoeing instructor Allen Wearmouth believed the kayaks involved in the tragedy were of a type which were difficult to control in rough water.
Described buildings were damaged during the floods in 2010, where the rough water in the river SmedEi caused damage 2 bridges and complete destruction of the retaining wall.
Its fast rough water led early-20th-century boatmen to dub it "The River of No Return.
Having an aggressive 17- to 19-degree deadrise hull with two lifting strakes and a wide reverse chine, strikes a good balance between rough water performance and shallow draft.
Standing occasionally also allows you to absorb much of the shock and jolts of rough water with your legs, rather than taking it through your back.
Oxford were very well backed when punters thought rough water would hand the advantage to the heavier crew.
And Oxford counterpart Sean Bowden said: "We can expect some strong head winds and some rough water and that's going to add an extra dimension to the race.
It will be important tactically to be really astute and get in a good position for any rough water.