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Adj.1.rough-textured - having surface roughness; "a textured wall of stucco"; "a rough-textured tweed"
rough, unsmooth - having or caused by an irregular surface; "trees with rough bark"; "rough ground"; "rough skin"; "rough blankets"; "his unsmooth face"
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We want the texture to appear smooth and shiny, not rough-textured.
Meadow Fresh Caramelised Onion Houmous (170g), 69p, Lidl Slightly rough-textured dip packed with chunks of flavoursome onion which gave it a good rich and sweet bite.
Her team painted the existing ceiling beams the color of dark wood and chose a rough-textured thin brick for the kitchen.
Located in an industrial warehouse built in the 1930s, the Monarch Room juxtaposes a warm palette with the rough-textured concrete of the walls and ceiling.
"Warren MacKenzie is almost calligraphic in his decoration; Tom O'Malley builds rough-textured forms that support vessels that are sleek and watery; Shigemasa Higashida creates slab building forms with glossy glazes that have commanding presence.
Hydrating as well as exfoliating, it isn't a rough-textured scrub that we welcome in body exfoliators but a finer blend to tackle surface dryness on your face, which gets rid of dull and sluggish skin.
"Although wet hair is definitely a summer look, this is the opposite to that rough-textured 'beach' hair - it's tighter to the head and more dramatic," says Pantene Pro-V global ambassador Sam McKnight.
UPS grabs it and takes it to you: a man who will run his calloused fingers and experienced eyes over the polished metal, rough-textured checkering, custom parts, colorful grips--and sights he can actually see.
As a bonus, it also yielded a rough-textured interior, which helps suppress scattered light when painted black.
A small, rough-textured area balances a large smooth one.
Three paintings by Abby Scobbie of domestic scenes on rough-textured canvas show a good, spare style and Michala Gyetvai's Abbey Fields is a lovely bright green and yellow embroidery on blanket.
"The robot with claws climbs the wall like a cat climbs a rough-textured wall," Shapira said.