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1. A coarse plaster of lime, shells, and pebbles used for outside wall surfaces.
2. A rough preliminary model or form.
tr.v. rough·cast, rough·cast·ing, rough·casts
1. To plaster (a wall, for example) with roughcast.
2. To shape or work into a rough or preliminary form.

rough′cast′er n.
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"He is self-employed as a roofer and roughcaster and his ability to earn has been impacted.
The roughcaster, who has a business account with, said: "I don't know what to do.
Gorman, a roughcaster, is on trial at the High Court in Glasgow with Antoin Duffy, 39, Martin Hughes, 36, and Paul Sands, 31.
The retired plasterer and roughcaster said: "Blaze claimed I had signed up to a five–year warranty.
But Joyce, 41, and her husband John, 42, are being threatened with court action by the roughcaster unless they pay pounds 1762.