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Adj.1.Roughhewn - of stone or timberroughhewn - of stone or timber; shaped roughly without finishing
unfinished - not brought to the desired final state
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Her characters are roughhewn from the landscape around them, Constance is as fierce as the mountains that overlook her caravan and as flighty as the wildlife that inhabits them.
Ingredients 1 large white 4 tbsp olive 25g (1oz) butter 400g (14oz) peeled, quartered sliced 6 garlic cloves 8 eggs, beaten Handful flat-chopped, plus Look A roughhewn thriller about grief and guilt, with a delicious mystery at its centre, Renee has created a compelling story that will have readers racing Method 1 Put a large pan on a low onion slowly butter until brown - this
Vikram plays David the roughhewn fisherman in Goa, 2010.
Though comparatively roughhewn, "2nd Verse: The Rebirth of Poetry" is an inspirational crowdpleaser in the mode of does like "Spellbound" and "Mad Hot Ballroom," similarly tracing precociously skilled young protags through a competitive event.
I'm sure this early exposure has had an impact on my interest in roughhewn stone."