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n. pl. roughy or rough·ies
1. Any of various deep-water fishes of the family Trachichthyidae, having mucus-filled cavities in the head and rough scales, and including the orange roughy. Also called slimehead.
2. See ruff3.

[Sense 1, probably from rough.]
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I couldn't help but compare FSOG's tame bedroom games with any number of S&Mtheme Japanese "pink" films from the 1970s and early '80s, softcore roughies with titles like "Flower and Snake," "Wife To Be Sacrificed" and "Female Teacher in Rope Hell," in which the invariably meek and trusting heroine is trussed up, hoisted on an ornate arrangement of ropes and pulleys, and tortured and ravaged for hours by a leering and genuinely deranged pervert.
All of this violence and sexuality in the film is homage to Grindhouse movies, specifically to what the documentary American Grindhouse (Elijah Drenner, 2010) describes as a subgenre called "the roughies." The documentary implies that because of the censorship against showing sex on the screen, sometimes these B-movies would emphasize violence against women as a substitute for sexuality.
Mortality of released fish, wreckfish, deep water groupers and orange roughies, is almost always 100 percent.
My other rides were roughies big outsiders, so it's good to be on a horse with a good chance this year."
It had to be to try to drown out the shrieking Ewen and Roughies at alongside me.
It gave $3.1 million ($2.1 million) to "Orange Roughies," an action drama about a coastal policing unit; $2.2 million for "Ducks and Geese," a relationship drama about twentysomethings who happen to be cops; $880,000 to "Seven Periods With Mr.
A former star of the Winnipeg "Roughies", Major Nicklin managed to score the winning touchdown.
Orange roughies, some born when Ned Kelly was a boy, gather to spawn around submerged mountain peaks that rise a kilometre from the seabed.
What do hoki, orange roughies, oreo dories, ling and southern blue whiting have in common?
Fitfully amusing "Superstarlet A.D." pays homage to the big-haired bad girls of cinema's past -- doffing its bouffant in turn to "Queen of Outer Space"-style sci-fiers, juvenile-delinquent dramas, the Russ Meyer oeuvre, '60s grindhouse "roughies," even "Rocky Horror" camp tuners.