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n. pl. rou·leaux or rou·leaus (-lōz′)
A small roll, especially of coins wrapped in paper.

[French, from Old French rolel, diminutive of role, roll, from Latin rotula, diminutive of rota, wheel; see rota.]


n, pl -leaux (-ləʊ; -ləʊz) or -leaus
1. a roll of paper containing coins
2. (Knitting & Sewing) (often plural) a roll of ribbon
[C17: from French, from role roll]



n., pl. -leaux, -leaus (-ˈloʊz)
a roll of coins in a paper wrapping.
[1685–95; < French; Middle French rolel, diminutive of role roll]


 a roll of coins; a coil.
Examples: rouleau of coins; of gold, 1884; of grey hair, 1876; of cheap repository poetry, 1795; of wire, 1825.
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Noun1.rouleau - a roll of ribbonrouleau - a roll of ribbon      
roll - anything rolled up in cylindrical form
2.rouleau - a roll of coins wrapped in paper
roll - anything rolled up in cylindrical form
References in classic literature ?
My own hand placed it in one of the rouleaux of false half-crowns; and my own hand also directed the spurious coin, when it had been safely packed up, to a certain London dealer who was to be on the lookout for it by the next night's mail.
The superintendent terminated his speech by opening a drawer, and taking from it four rouleaux which he placed before D'Artagnan.
She had a long, pale face, a high nose, and a great deal of very striking white hair, which she wore in large puffs and rouleaux over the top of her head.
She went to school at Lairthwaite Secondary Modern in the Lake District, and founded VV Rouleaux in 1993 when she closed her flower shop in London and turned it into a design emporium.
Navy strapless dress, pounds 16 @ Internacionale; navy sandals, pounds 12 @ Asda Living; flowers, pounds 2.10 @ VV Rouleaux; cream jacket, pounds 18 @ New Look
Vv Rouleaux comes from the French for `roll of ribbon' or `fabric'.
RIGHT Kaftan, pounds 70, Miss Sixty; bikini, pounds 35, Gas; corsage, from pounds 8.95, VV Rouleaux; earrings, pounds 19.95, Fenwick
Silver and black sequin braid (11/2cm deep), pounds 14.95 per metre, V V Rouleaux (0171 730 3125)
Annabel Lewis, the founder of VV Rouleaux, is to take a special tassel-making day course and will show step-by-step stages on how to construct over 20 wild and wonderful designs.
Hotlips basque, pounds 75, Mya Blue Red trousers,; pounds 19, H&M Ribbon from a selection at VV Rouleaux