roulette ball

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Noun1.roulette ball - the ball used to play rouletteroulette ball - the ball used to play roulette  
ball - round object that is hit or thrown or kicked in games; "the ball travelled 90 mph on his serve"; "the mayor threw out the first ball"; "the ball rolled into the corner pocket"
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It is not something you'd want to see looking outside an airplane window thousands of feet in the air: a piece of metal rattling around like a roulette ball in the walls of a failed engine, set against a blur of spiraling bright orange.
? THE "radio roulette ball scam" saw a rogue dealer con his employers at Casino Deauville in France in 1973.
Many of the factors that tend to dominate short-term moves in company share prices are as impossible to forecast as where a roulette ball will settle.
Michael Small from the University of Western Australia and Dr Chi Kong Tse from Hong Kong Polytechnic University have developed a simple model for the motion of a roulette ball and wheel.
"Generally, it is assumed that when we toss a coin, throw a die or run a roulette ball this condition is fulfilled and all predictions have to be based on the laws of large numbers," the authors write.
I think it tops my list alongside a recent story about an online gambling company buying Michael Jackson's hair to make into a roulette ball.
But the court heard how Latham picked up the roulette ball and placed it on ten, the number he had pre-arranged with Lumbley, who remained on the slot machine having bet on that number.
Even the relatively simple task of spinning the roulette ball requires training to ensure it travels a minimum of three times round the wheel.
However, at its core, "the eudaemonic pie" is not about predicting where a roulette ball will land among 38 choices or even the onslaught of money that might follow.
In the end, Revell's story has a happy ending, since his roulette ball landed on Red 7, and he came away with $270,600 and instant status as a Las Vegas legend.
FRAUDSTERS made off with pounds 200,000 after sneaking a remote-controlled roulette ball on to a casino table in Carinthia, Austria.
The new logo is the expression of what the Casino Lugano aims to be; a pearl stands for its preciousness and uniqueness as well as for the symbol of the Casino, the Roulette ball.