round of drinks

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Noun1.round of drinks - a serving to each of a group (usually alcoholic); "he ordered a second round"
helping, serving, portion - an individual quantity of food or drink taken as part of a meal; "the helpings were all small"; "his portion was larger than hers"; "there's enough for two servings each"
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CUSTOMERS fled a pub when violence flared - after a couple were left out of a round of drinks bought by the boss.
A poll of workers found 80% confessed they didn't wash their hands before making a round of drinks.
Back in the day, you'd have kicked off if you were left out of a round of drinks.
html#page=1) game could get tricky if you play after a round of drinks or two.
Dick, of Ayr, was glad to put his hand in his pocket and buy the traditional round of drinks for his mates when he got back to the clubhouse.
After another round of drinks and some post-conversation mingling, a few dozen guests departed for Hotel Americano for an intimate dinner with Dr.
The actor, who plays pub landlord Mick Carter on the show, said he barely had enough money to travel to meet the producers and feared the team asking him to buy a round of drinks.
I don't know what David Cameron sups, but I can't imagine him dipping his hand in his pocket to buy a round of drinks and given all the press scrutiny of Ed Miliband's habits and the derision that goes with it, why didn't the media and the medical profession pick up on David Cameron's wife Sam's comments that she only drinks stout when pregnant?
Join, and start a quick-campaign; Birthday Round of Drinks.
We think nothing of buying a round of drinks that costs north of a tenner, but baulk at the idea spending over PS6 on a bottle of wine.
Many of those polled by older people's charity Royal Voluntary Service admitted they made excuses for not making a round of drinks, such as waiting until colleagues left the office, or deliberately making a poor brew so they were not asked again.
According to the accused's lawyer Jonathan Eaton, the alleged attack occurred after drinks had been shared between his client and Ryder, who had allegedly left without repaying a round of drinks, adding that this had sparked a verbal exchange and ultimately the alleged assault.