round scad

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Noun1.round scad - small fusiform fish of western Atlanticround scad - small fusiform fish of western Atlantic
scad - any of a number of fishes of the family Carangidae
Decapterus, genus Decapterus - scads especially mackerel scad; cosmopolitan in distribution
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The common round scad (galunggong), meanwhile, continued to post negative growth, falling 12 percent due to the occurrence of heavy rains and numerous weather disturbances that hampered fishing operations.
Leading companies engaged in catching round scad, sardines, mackerel and big eye tuna complained about the lack of consultation in crafting the legislative proposal that eventually became a law.
It must be noted that almost 70 percent of the catch were composed of small pelagic fish such as the Indian sardine (tamban), anchovy (dilis), round scad (galunggong), Indian mackerel (alumahan); and of large pelagic fish such as skipjack (gulyasan), yellowfin tuna (bariles/ bankulis), and frigate tuna (tulingan).
Galunggong, or round scad, was once known as the "poor man's fish" as the cheapest species found in the market.