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Noun1.round scad - small fusiform fish of western Atlanticround scad - small fusiform fish of western Atlantic
scad - any of a number of fishes of the family Carangidae
Decapterus, genus Decapterus - scads especially mackerel scad; cosmopolitan in distribution
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In particular, the common round scad (galunggong) increased by 11 percent to 61,980 MT in output after several quarters of decline.
'Output expansion pushed up the value of round scad production by 3.84 percent.
According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, last year, Yellowfin tuna grew at 11.91 percent, round scad at 8.15 percent, bangus at 3.9 percent and tilapia at 3.25 percent.
Gongona said these boats can now be used by the beneficiaries to fish within the municipal waters which is primary home to diverse marine resources like tulingan, gulyasan, and tambakol (skipjack tuna family), galunggong (round scad), dalagang-bukid (fusilier), talakitok (trevally), sapsap (ponyfish) and tamban (sardine), among others, while they wait for the restoration of the motherboat, F/B Gem-Ver 1.
Aside from shipping in more rice, the government is also planning to import fish, particularly round scad, as some municipal waters impose fishing bans in their areas between October to February and allow fish stocks to be replenished.
Also included in the SRP are milkfish or bangus (P150 per kg), tilapia (P100 per kg), galunggong or round scad (P140 per kilo), red onion (P95 per kg), white onion (P75 per kg), imported garlic (P70 per kilo) and local garlic (P120 per kilo).
Citing overfishing, Senator Loren Legarda reported that future generations may not see the galunggong (round scad), dilis (anchovies) and the tuna on their dinner table, as these species are already overfished.
Poachers even smuggle undersize galunggong (round scad) to Luzon.
Round scad, the report noted, went up by P10/kg in Cabanatuan City and Cebu City, and by P20/kg in Naga City and Butuan City.
The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) conducted tests on a sample of "galunggong" (round scad) and found out that a "keratinous layer" was covering it and not plastic as earlier believed by those who saw it from a video uploaded on Facebook over the weekend.
Instead of importing 'galunggong' (round scad), the country should boost fish farming, given that it can generate fish all year round, a former director of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources said.