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Adj.1.round-bottom - having a rounded bottom; "round-bottom flasks"
bottomed - having a bottom of a specified character
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"What, upon her?" said the fisherman, pointing with pride to his pretty round-bottomed bark.
This is attributed to the increasing use of round-bottom stand-up pouches for packaging lightweight products.
Early Weaver rails up until sometime in the 1980's had round-bottom slots, but the modern Weaver rails have square-bottom slots similar to the Picatinny.
The system is compatible with a wide selection of sample holders, enabling evaporation from most common sample container formats, including round-bottom flasks up to 500 mi., tubes up to 160-mm long, custom reaction blocks, as well as shallow-and deep-well microplates.
Tools Smoothing plane Portable circular saw Tape measure and straight edge Combination square and pencil Coping saw (or electric jigsaw) Hammer Spoke shaves: round-bottom and flat-bottom Electric drill Drill bits: 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, countersink bits Utility knife and scissors Cork sanding block or electric sander Screwdriver (cross-headed or slotted) Here's how: Preparing the boards 1.
The lovely Dakota 76 and round-bottom 97 rifles share features of early Winchester 70s.
A round-bottom sailboat, on the other hand, has essentially no chines.
The gadget is designed for cooks who get frustrated they cannot scoop out soups, stews or casseroles from saucepans with round-bottom ladles.
The round-bottom Wind Walker Motion stand keeps field setups upright and provides movement when the wind blows.
For use in most American kitchens with their flat surface burners, a classic, round-bottom wok may not be stable enough and should only be used on gas ranges together with a metal ring that mimics the Chinese brazier and supports the wok.
A dry 250 mL round-bottom flask equipped with reflux condenser, magnetic stirrer bar, and septa was purged with nitrogen.