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Adj.1.round-bottomed - having a rounded bottom; "round-bottom flasks"
bottomed - having a bottom of a specified character
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"What, upon her?" said the fisherman, pointing with pride to his pretty round-bottomed bark.
A round-bottomed basket rolls about, so balance it on the open end of a bucket as you line it with moss, to halfway up the side.
The DrySyn 3-Position Clamp from Asynt has been designed to enable chemists performing parallel synthesis to secure up to three round-bottomed flasks or condensers to a standard boss head.
measured the radiation level by inserting a long dosimeter into the round-bottomed, flask-shaped primary containment vessel, where fuel is thought to be accumulating at the bottom following the nuclear accident last year.
Later, mold makers changed it to a round-bottomed groove.
The round-bottomed pan-shaped capsule, about 30 centimeters in diameter, 15 cm in height and 6 kilograms in weight, was picked up Monday in the desert around Woomera in southern Australia following the probe's successful seven-year voyage.
The traditional way to develop a process for producing a new drug is to do the initial development in round-bottomed laboratory flasks and make the transition to small-scale production-type reactors when the process is ready for piloting.
WoksThe wok is a versatile, round-bottomed cooking vessel originating in China.
Small, round-bottomed jars dominate remains from the third period, which extended from 1100 B.C.
Instead of spending moolah on soap molds, start saving any small round-bottomed plastic containers that might be getting tossed out.
Stirring up a dish in one of the deep round-bottomed pans is attended by a blur of motion, billows of steam, and the sounds of sizzling oil and a broad spatula hitting metal.