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1. Shaped into the form of a circle or sphere; made round.
2. Linguistics Pronounced with the lips pursed or shaped in a round form.
3. Complete; balanced: a rounded meal.

round′ed·ness n.
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Noun1.roundedness - the property possessed by a rounded convexity
convexity, convexness - the property possessed by a convex shape
ellipticity, oblateness - the property possessed by a round shape that is flattened at the poles; "the oblateness of the planet"
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The customary almond and dried fruit components are neatly enlivened by lemon acidity but then everything is given balance by orange based roundedness.
There are features like Rhoticity (quality of being rhotics: variant phonemes related to /r/ are called rhotics), Lateralization, and Roundedness which bear extra long duration.
Now that he has kids, he's able to bring a newfound roundedness and maturity into the role.
The trouble is everyone now expects their SUVs to have a roundedness to their profile.
US features of tuberculous lymph nodes were roundedness with areas of necrosis.
It sacrifices the roundedness of life for brutal joy.
Its longstanding association with well roundedness and an amateur ethic bears little relation to the hyper-specialized professionalization that today defines the training of youth hockey players and other minor sport participants.
Image analysis was performed using ImageJ (NIH) to determine the as-spun fiber equivalent diameter, circularity index, and roundedness.
Precisely this higher degree of roundedness could easily have led to an early dissimilation and loss of *u or, even more plausibly, an early complete assimilation of *u to the following vowel n.
It is a Shah Rukh Khan showcase all through, almost scripted to remind you of the superstar's all- roundedness.
Two of the eight subjects described elements that suggest their direct and personal involvement in the scene (one person feels the wind moving the branches while she is playing with her dog in the middle of the forest, while the other says that he is standing on the pebbly shore of the lake and feels the roundedness and smoothness of the pebbles under his feet (as opposed to ordinary stones he is used to)).