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Somewhat round.

round′ish·ness n.
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somewhat round
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(ˈraʊn dɪʃ)

somewhat round.
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Adj.1.roundish - somewhat round in appearance or form
circular, round - having a circular shape
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There were gullies and ravines, and holes like gravel-pits, cut in ice; lumps and scattered pieces frozen down to the original floor of the floe; blotches of old black ice that had been thrust under the floe in some gale and heaved up again; roundish boulders of ice; saw-like edges of ice carved by the snow that flies before the wind; and sunken pits where thirty or forty acres lay below the level of the rest of the field.
"Be easy on that score; a roundish sum, it is true, but not too exorbitant."
We Are Here Forever is ominously preceded on the book's cover by the words "After You Are Gone." The story follows the Puramus, a roundish, four-legged species living on Earth after some unrevealed event wiped away humanity.
Business in the small town came to a standstill as people ran for their lives.Mr Kapchok, a critic of Prof Lonyangapuo's administration, formed the Mulmulwas Movement after the county boss labelled him mulmulwas (a roundish thing).
Body types run from waif-slim to roundish; hairstyles include Rapunzel-long tresses, bobs and fades.
During the physical examination, a 4x4 mm, flat, roundish, blue-gray pigmented lesion on a 3x4 cm erythematous plaque, which had not been present at the previous 3-month follow-up, was detected (Figure 1a).
No beat or time, just rhyme and roundish strokes in the air from the conductor.
The rocky hill with a kind of roundish top edge bulging into the sky had another rocky hill delicately placed by nature on it, thereby making it a cynosure of curious passersby.
The Chinese kindergarten children giggled as they worked to solve puzzles assigned by their new teaching assistant: a roundish, short educator with a screen for a face.
You're sure to learn a thing or two even just on a casual visit, such as the difference between female and male papaya trees (the latter don't bear fruit, the former produce roundish fruit; hermaphrodites produce longish papayas), as the staff are more than happy to share information.
There are oval and roundish voids visible, if there is any biocarbon reinforcement.