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v. roused, rous·ing, rous·es
1. To wake (someone) up.
2. To cause (someone) to be active, attentive, or excited; stir up. See Synonyms at provoke.
3. To give rise to; bring about: an ad that roused my curiosity; a book that roused a furor.
1. To awaken.
2. To become active, attentive, or excited.

[Middle English rousen, to shake the feathers: used of a hawk, perhaps from Old French reuser, ruser, to repel, push back, from Vulgar Latin *recūsāre, from Latin, to refuse; see recuse.]

rous′er n.
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1. a person or thing that rouses people, such as a stirring speech or compelling rock song
2. (in combination): rabble-rouser.
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Noun1.rouser - someone who rouses others from sleeprouser - someone who rouses others from sleep
attendant, attender, tender - someone who waits on or tends to or attends to the needs of another
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References in classic literature ?
When, however, the Olympians came to take their part among men, forthwith uprose strong Strife, rouser of hosts, and Minerva raised her loud voice, now standing by the deep trench that ran outside the wall, and now shouting with all her might upon the shore of the sounding sea.
I think Fred would be benefited by a rouser. Tell him so, with my congratulations.
"He's a good fellow, anyway, if he is a teetotaler!" "Drink his health!" "Give him a rouser, and no heeltaps!"
The man is, in my opinion, an egotistical selfserving rabble rouser who brings out the worst in people and behind his beer swilling smiling facade is dangerous.
The charismatic rabble rouser used the burning Twin Towers as a backdrop to his fiery online sermons preaching violence against non-Muslims.
Bayquin, 25, of the Philippine Army's 7th Infantry Battalion, was aboard his Kawasaki Rouser when shot by the suspects.
Mohd Ali, better known as Ali Tinju, is known as a rabble rouser who has repeatedly led provocative rallies that created racial tension with his racial and religious inflammatory speeches and mannerisms in the past.
Police Officer 1 Amorlin Baruela, 33, was driving his Kawasaki Rouser to Roxas City when he figured in the accident.
Two detached motorcycles and one Rouser, one RUSI and one Yamaha motorcycles were further recovered at the house of Thomas.
Infused with elements of country, blues, jazz and gospel, his many hits include Rebel Rouser, Peter Gunn, Shazam, Ghost Riders In The Sky, Cannonball and The Lonely One.
Auto Business News-November 1, 2016--Kawasaki Motors Philippines launches new Rouser RS200 in Cebu