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a. A set of customary or unchanging and often mechanically performed activities or procedures: a routine of housework. See Synonyms at method.
b. The practice of such activities or procedures: "Routine had caused stagnation" (Garry Wills).
2. A scripted piece of entertainment, especially in a nightclub or theater: The audience laughed at the comedian's routine.
3. Slang A particular kind of behavior or activity: Must you go into your hurt routine when you don't get your way?
4. Computers A set of programming instructions designed to perform a specific limited task.
1. In accord with established procedure: a routine check of passports.
2. Habitual; regular: made his routine trip to the store.
3. Having no special quality; ordinary: a routine day.

[French, from route, route, from Old French; see route.]

rou·tine′ly adv.
rou·tin′ism n.
rou·tin′ist n.
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behaviour that seems excessively devoted to routine
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the excessive adherence to a routine. — routinist, n.
See also: Behavior
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This shadow cabinet, with its lush exfoliation of titles and subtitles, smacks of left Babbitry, not of revolutionary ardor--it is a mirror-image of the electioneering routinism and office-seeking of the duopoly twins, purveying the illusion that merely electing (or, in this case, appointing) the right people to the right offices will peacefully usher in a bright new tomorrow--a vision that is jarringly at odds with the ferocity with which the elites will defend their rotting fortress until and unless routed by masses of an aroused and organized citizenry.
Global competition no longer allows for routinism which ensures a long-term stability (Porter & Kramer, 2006).
* Routinism subconscious repetition of procedures already used (native, foreign) with varying proportions of hange.