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 (ro͞o-tē′nīz′, ro͞ot′n-īz′)
tr.v. rou·tin·ized, rou·tin·iz·ing, rou·tin·iz·es
1. To establish a routine for.
2. To reduce to a routine: a government that routinized mass murder while carrying out its totalitarian policies.

rou·tin′i·za′tion (-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
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(ˌruːtɪnaɪˈzeɪʃən) or


the state of becoming routine
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It is a fixed physical construct with forts, rivers, trails and transportation routes and maps to identify them; but it was also a "blurry, indistinct place where white settlers fled to escape routinization," a place that goes on forever.It is a multistoried affair where the Royal Proclamation of 1763, the Indian Removal Act of 1830, and the conflicts with slavery and abolition pushed the boundaries of the frontier into Mexican territory and the invasion of 1846.
Kosmin never cites Max Weber, but any student of sociology should notice a strong resonance with Weber's bureaucratization theory, where routinization is a means to institutionalize the power of a charismatic authority.
Task structures that can save employees' mental resources, especially task routinization, have gained attention as a potential positive predictor of creativity (Chae & Choi, 2019; Ohly et al., 2017).
I think routinization helps in keeping program numbers up because people begin to unconsciously remember that they should be at the library on a certain day and time.
He directed against anything obstructing the security routinization anywhere throughout the province.
The institutionalization of Common Foreign and Security Policy developed 'routinization' of discursively constructing 'Europe's civilizing identity'27 through a sense of 'ontological security'28.
The consequence of routinization on redistribution choices raises if an employee works in a industry vulnerable to technological change.
The second is routinization, which refers to the process that leads to the establishment of routines within the activities required by the program to achieve its objectives.
The process by which charismatic authority transitions from purely revolutionary leadership to something more traditional or legal is called the routinization of charisma.
9) adopted the Cooper and Zmud's (1990) model and divided ABC implementation process into the following six stages: Initiation, adoption, adaption, acceptance, routinization, and infusion .Initiation occurs when the firm feels it is time to change the existing system because the current system is either old and inadequate for successful operations of the firm or innovation emerged.
Standardization and routinization is seen as resulting in such dehumanizing nature of work (Ritzer, 2011).
Whether or not CRISPR/ Cas9 will follow an analogous path of routinization remains to be seen, and will depend on complex issues of cost, feasibility, safety, accessibility, and social acceptability.