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 (ro͞o-tē′nīz′, ro͞ot′n-īz′)
tr.v. rou·tin·ized, rou·tin·iz·ing, rou·tin·iz·es
1. To establish a routine for.
2. To reduce to a routine: a government that routinized mass murder while carrying out its totalitarian policies.

rou·tin′i·za′tion (-ĭ-zā′shən) n.


(ˌruːtɪnaɪˈzeɪʃən) or


the state of becoming routine
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The second is routinization, which refers to the process that leads to the establishment of routines within the activities required by the program to achieve its objectives.
The process by which charismatic authority transitions from purely revolutionary leadership to something more traditional or legal is called the routinization of charisma.
Standardization and routinization is seen as resulting in such dehumanizing nature of work (Ritzer, 2011).
Whether or not CRISPR/ Cas9 will follow an analogous path of routinization remains to be seen, and will depend on complex issues of cost, feasibility, safety, accessibility, and social acceptability.
The story of the emergence of more conventional and durable states in Southeast Asia is generally told as a kind of Weberian narrative about the routinization of this early form of charismatic authority, first through Indianization and later through colonialism.
Caste violence in India is one of the most long-standing instances of the routinization of violence, predating European colonialism although not unshaped by it, and now firmly enmeshed within the new global order.
Her papers and books include sociolinguistic analysis of legal proceedings, semiotic analysis of Anwar Sadat's proposal of peace, the routinization of television coverage of terror events, the decline of media events, the role of radio in the diffusion of the Hebrew language, the television coverage of war, and many other subjects.
The building of such knowledge, however, requires consistency and routinization.
It is hard to argue for the neutrality of a technology explicitly developed to identify and hence eliminate fetuses with problem causing chromosomes (and, increasingly, genes): the biomedical and public health interests behind the development and routinization of the technology itself evaluate such fetuses as expendable.
e impoverishment, fragmentation, and routinization of the modern subject--an attempt at plenitude and totality when all that seemed to be left was loss.
As such, 40% of respondents indicated that IHEAP has 'to a large extent' kept the hospitals busy with their daily routine activities (routinization and bureaucratization), whereas 21% claimed that routinization might be caused by IHEAP to a small degree.
also uses traditional sociological concepts to analyze what is going on in the global church since Vatican II--concepts such as the routinization of charisma, amnesia and anamnesis, desacralization, and public piety versus personal spirituality.