row of bricks

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Noun1.row of bricks - a course of bricks place next to each other (usually in a straight line)
row, course - (construction) a layer of masonry; "a course of bricks"
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QTHE top row of bricks on my garden wall is flaking badly.
Course: Also known as a course as a course of bricks, this is a single horizontal row of bricks.
I didn't use mortar to cement the bricks together with this cold-frame design, so this way I can remove a few bricks for ventilation, or add a second row of bricks as the seedlings grow and the frame needs to be heightened.
The damp course around the third or fourth row of bricks lasts as long as the building but a common problem is bridging it.
The welder used these cardboard templates to create pieces that fit on the outside of the steel tubes, providing a support for every fourth row of bricks.
A row of bricks or slabs can also be useful if your lawn butts up against a fence.
But when Maureen turns up she's going to have a harder edge to her character - because marriage to Bill the builder hasn't been as straight as a row of bricks.
Lay a row of bricks on top of your foundation, buttering the bottom and edges of each one and constantly using a spirit level to check that the vertical and horizontal surfaces are level.
The church may have one foundation, but the next row of bricks is an increasingly loose collection of unmortared institutional bricks.
But if you are putting gravel down, make sure it is given an edging, such as a row of bricks set in concrete, to retain it, or you will find gravel spilling out.