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adj. row·di·er, row·di·est
Disorderly; rough: rowdy teenagers; a rowdy beer party.
n. pl. row·dies
A rough, disorderly person.

[Probably from row.]

row′di·ly adv.
row′di·ness n.
row′dy·ism n.
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Adv.1.rowdily - in a rowdy manner; "the crowd got drunk and started to behave rowdily"
بِمُشاغَبَه، بِمُشاكَسَه
meî uppvöîslusemi


(ˈraudi) adjective
noisy and rough. rowdy children.
ˈrowdily adverb
ˈrowdiness noun
References in classic literature ?
And in the silence that followed, a blue-bottle fly buzzed rowdily against an adjacent window-pane, with occasional loud bumps against the glass tokening that he too had his tragedy, a prisoner pent by baffling transparency from the bright world that blazed so immediately beyond.
When my moose-meat spluttered rowdily in the frying-pan, I noticed old Ebbits's nostrils twitch and distend as he caught the food- scent.
The Briton then assaulted the policemen, behaved rowdily and wrecked the fire alarm, a landline phone and mobile phone, when the two cops tried to take him back into confinement.
"I'll be with some friends and then we're having a bit of a rowdily dowdily just to celebrate," he said.
An Emirates flight was flying in from Madrid when a Romanian stewardess encountered the off-duty Emirati pilot, who got drunk and behaved rowdily in June.
The defendants' lawyer argued in court that his clients did not behave rowdily with the policewoman and that they did not have any criminal intention.
When the policemen tried to calm him down and stop him from behaving rudely and rowdily, the defendant flashed his private parts.
Summary: Sisters were allegedly behaving rowdily outside a hotel when the incident happened
When my colleague prevented him from smoking in the police car, he got angry and acted rowdily. He cursed and assaulted us and tore my colleague's uniform when we tried to handcuff him.
Police were called in to a hotel after the 24-year-old Moroccan woman had gotten heavily drunk and was behaving rowdily at a nightclub in Hor Al Anz area.
Liverpool's players toured around the turf wearing warm smiles and Mo Salah's young daughter was rowdily cheered as she scored a goal in front of the Kop.
But James Vokoli, a bus agent for the coaches plying Kakamega route, says that it is not their choice to behave rowdily.He said he became an agent in 2016 after failing to get a job in his home county.