royal blue

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royal blue

A deep to strong blue.

roy′al-blue′ adj.
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royal blue

a. a deep blue colour
b. (as adjective): a royal-blue carpet.
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roy′al blue′

a deep blue, often with a purplish tinge.
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Noun1.royal blue - a shade of blue tinged with purpleroyal blue - a shade of blue tinged with purple  
blue, blueness - blue color or pigment; resembling the color of the clear sky in the daytime; "he had eyes of bright blue"
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أزْرَق غامِق ساطِع
pruská modř
berlínska modrá
koyu mavi

royal blue

adjazzurro reale inv
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(ˈroiəl) adjective
1. of, concerning etc a king, queen etc. the royal family; His Royal Highness Prince Charles.
2. magnificent. a royal feast.
ˈroyally adverb
ˈroyalist noun
a person who supports a king or queen. The republicans fought the royalists.
ˈroyaltyplural ˈroyalties noun
1. a payment made to a writer, recording artist etc for every book, record etc sold.
2. the state of being royal, or royal people in general. The commands of royalty must be obeyed.
royal blue
(of) a bright, darkish blue. a royal-blue dress.
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