royal blue

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royal blue

A deep to strong blue.

roy′al-blue′ adj.

royal blue

a. a deep blue colour
b. (as adjective): a royal-blue carpet.

roy′al blue′

a deep blue, often with a purplish tinge.
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Noun1.royal blue - a shade of blue tinged with purpleroyal blue - a shade of blue tinged with purple  
blue, blueness - blue color or pigment; resembling the color of the clear sky in the daytime; "he had eyes of bright blue"
أزْرَق غامِق ساطِع
pruská modř
berlínska modrá
koyu mavi

royal blue

adjazzurro reale inv


(ˈroiəl) adjective
1. of, concerning etc a king, queen etc. the royal family; His Royal Highness Prince Charles.
2. magnificent. a royal feast.
ˈroyally adverb
ˈroyalist noun
a person who supports a king or queen. The republicans fought the royalists.
ˈroyaltyplural ˈroyalties noun
1. a payment made to a writer, recording artist etc for every book, record etc sold.
2. the state of being royal, or royal people in general. The commands of royalty must be obeyed.
royal blue
(of) a bright, darkish blue. a royal-blue dress.
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The midi black dress was adorned with royal blue sequins and had a single meshed sleeve.
Yesterday the ECHO launched Royal Blue Review, a new postmatch panel show screened on Facebook Live.
Tenders are invited for Outdoor Lounge Chair, Model: W0310, 25 each Orange 218, 25 each Royal Blue 216, 25 each Buttercup 222, 25 each Red 225; Outdoor Sitting Chairs, Model: W0350, 10 each Orange 218, 10 each Royal Blue 216, 10 each Buttercup 222, 10 each Red 225; Outdoor Low Sitting Chairs, Model: W0340, 50 each Orange 218, 50 each Royal Blue 216, 50 each Buttercup 222, 50 each Red 225.
The brands including CLEAN PLUS, Royal BLUE, Aqua Health, New Premier, Pacific Pure, Active Life, FINO Pure Water, Crystal Maya, Miracle and PURE AQUA) were found unsafe due to chemical and microbiological contaminations during an analysis.
They have taken two Snap tool boxes, a 78 top and bottom box - colour royal blue along with a 4000 series also in royal blue.
According to press release issued on Wednesday, the 22 brands supplying contamination water include ECO, Coral Water, HI-Fresh, New Nation, Pak Aqua, HFC, Total, NG Fresh Water, Al-Habib, Silver, ORION, Aqua Arabia, Well Care, Desert Dew, New Deep, Lite Aqua, Aqua Smart, Avalon Pure Water, New Smart Aqua, Mazan Pure, Royal Blue and Aqua National).
This song is like a colour and it just so happens that everyone wants to talk to me about this colour - like royal blue.
Sensimar Royal Blue Resort & Spa is one of this distinguished set of hotels and has been honored with the "TUI Top Quality 2016" award, awarded for the second time now.
For her ticker tape parade and audience with President Aquino this coming week, she will be wearing ternos by Albert Andrada, the same Filipino designer who did her sleeveless royal blue gown made of silk gazar, which she wore to the Miss Universe finals last month in Las Vegas.
The lady of the hour looked adorable in a royal blue knee-length dress - we thought she'd go for a red number - while wearing her dark long locks down with a few curls at the bottom.
MOURNERS have been asked to wear royal blue to tragic Jak Trueman's funeral - in recognition of his love for Rangers.
With an Alice in Wonderland theme, the colour scheme of the party was royal blue, white and silver.

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