royal blue

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royal blue

A deep to strong blue.

roy′al-blue′ adj.

royal blue

a. a deep blue colour
b. (as adjective): a royal-blue carpet.

roy′al blue′

a deep blue, often with a purplish tinge.
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Noun1.royal blue - a shade of blue tinged with purpleroyal blue - a shade of blue tinged with purple  
blue, blueness - blue color or pigment; resembling the color of the clear sky in the daytime; "he had eyes of bright blue"
أزْرَق غامِق ساطِع
pruská modř
berlínska modrá
koyu mavi

royal blue

adjazzurro reale inv


(ˈroiəl) adjective
1. of, concerning etc a king, queen etc. the royal family; His Royal Highness Prince Charles.
2. magnificent. a royal feast.
ˈroyally adverb
ˈroyalist noun
a person who supports a king or queen. The republicans fought the royalists.
ˈroyaltyplural ˈroyalties noun
1. a payment made to a writer, recording artist etc for every book, record etc sold.
2. the state of being royal, or royal people in general. The commands of royalty must be obeyed.
royal blue
(of) a bright, darkish blue. a royal-blue dress.
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Backfin in royal blue, Special in teal and Clay in orange.
With Boro desperate for a victory to strengthen their Conference survival bid, their followers are backing their efforts and will show it as they enjoy a Supporters Royal Blue Day.
Get up-close and personal with the stars in the Pleiades cluster, their white light bathed in a halo of royal blue.
Nasdaq: CREE), a market leader in LED lighting, announces commercial availability of a new XLamp([R] )XT-E Royal Blue LED optimized for use in remote phosphor lighting and other applications with similar requirements.
Ever since Everton wore Royal Blue for the first time in 1901 they had sported blue or black socks.
95, Lands' End; green trousers, PS9, Primark; royal blue and white contrast pumps, PS25, M&S Orange jumper, PS45, M&S; blue and white checked pencil skirt, PS45, Topshop; royal blue mid court shoes, PS35, Oasis Yellow cashmere jumper, PS65, M&S; floral trousers, PS35, River Island; royal blue and white contrast pumps, PS25, M&S Blue leather top, PS80, royal blue mid court shoes, PS35, big beaded necklace, PS30, all Oasis; pink skirt, PS12, Primark Red jacket, PS59.
Yellow cashmere jumper, PS6M&S; floral trousers, PS35, River Island; royablue and whi contrast pumps, PS25, M&S Yellow cashmere jumper, PS65, M&S; floral trousers, PS35, River Island; royal blue and white contrast pumps, PS25, M&S
n=1 audience and having the 1st place of all the hotels in Greece, Sensimar Royal Blue Resort & Spa is one of the most desired hotels in www.
The EARTH anthology consists of two editions -- Royal Blue and Imperial Gold -- each copy numbered and carrying a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Gordon Cheers, Millennium House's Managing Director.
BLUES have ditched the 'penguin' and reverted to their traditional royal blue shirt for next season.
No winter bloomer has more vivid royal blue flowers than this.

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