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Noun1.royal casino - a form of casino in which face cards have extra point valuesroyal casino - a form of casino in which face cards have extra point values
cassino, casino - a card game in which cards face up on the table are taken with eligible cards in the hand
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The investment of the Royal Casino being operated at the premises of Hotel Yak and Yeti is dubious.
Entertainment Place includes the Royal Casino, the largest casino at sea, where they serve the best frozen drinks while you're trying your luck at the tables.
Michael Shou-Yung Shum's entrancing Queen of Spades enters the fictional realm of the Royal Casino, located on the outskirts of Seattle amid the "pines and shadows" of the Pacific Northwest.
You can party, try your luck at the Royal Casino, go shopping, hang out at cafes, watch a show at the Royal Theatre and so much more.
Mickey O'Reilly's Royal Casino gave way to Morgan's on the River in 2005 and then, in 2008, the Wildcard Sports Bar & Grill.

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