rub away

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w>rub away

vt sepwegreiben
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Mac felt her sympathy, but, being a boy, did not thank her for it; only sat up with a jerk, saying, as he tried to rub away the tell-tale drops with the sleeve of his jacket, "Don't bother; weak eyes always water.
He'd thrown broken glass over it so people would find it hard to rub away.
Rub away any proud edges, clean all the uPVC down and then apply a uPVC primer and re-paint with a topcoat of your choice.
49, Boots I LIKED the idea of not having to rub away at my eyes to get mascara off and my heavy eye liner and mascara was gone after a few sweeps with a cotton wool pad.
Both problems can be managed by using a washcloth or pumice stone to gently rub away hardened skin after your bath or shower, but don't try to shave or pare away the skin, as this could cause an infection.
Leave to soak overnight, and in the morning the crust will rub away.
No matter how I adjusted my load it always worked its way to the niggle-point at the base of my spine to rub away my skin like an eager pot washer scouring a pan.
SIR - Jeremy Clarkson, forever in the news, is much like a scratch card: when you rub away the bluster, underneath you will find little gems of insight into modern Britain.
Once the beets cook and cool a bit, you use a paper towel to rub away the skins (they slide off easily).
We rub away the dry, ink-black growth, but it returns bigger and darker than ever.
Do not rub away at glitter polish with remover as it'll only make the glitter stick more stubbornly.
She wants to rub away the slash of scarlet, drop the whip, let the