rub in

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v. rubbed, rub·bing, rubs
1. To apply pressure and friction to (a surface).
2. To clean, polish, or manipulate by the application of pressure and friction.
3. To apply to a surface firmly and with friction: rub lotion on the hands; rub dye into the fabric.
4. To move (an object or objects) firmly along a surface, especially repeatedly: rub an eraser over the blackboard; rubbed my fingers over the sore spot.
5. To cause to become worn, chafed, or irritated.
6. To remove, erase, or expunge: rub away a stain; rubbed the sleep from my eyes.
a. To exert pressure or friction on something.
b. To wear or chafe with friction: My shoes were beginning to rub.
c. To cause irritation or annoyance.
2. To move along in contact with a surface; graze or scrape.
3. To be transferred or removed by contact or proximity: newsprint that rubbed off on my fingers; wished some of her luck would rub off on me.
1. The act of rubbing.
2. The application of friction and pressure: a back rub.
3. A substance or preparation applied by rubbing, especially:
a. A liniment or balm.
b. A seasoning made of ground spices and herbs, applied to the surface of meat, fish, or vegetables before cooking.
4. An unevenness on a surface.
5. An act or remark that annoys or hurts another.
6. A difficulty or obstacle: "The rub for extraterrestrial life on Europa is that the moon's surface is an icy wasteland" (William J. Broad).
Phrasal Verbs:
rub down
To perform a brisk rubbing of the body, as in massage.
rub in
To harp on (an unpleasant matter).
rub out
1. To obliterate by or as if by rubbing.
2. Slang To kill; murder.
rub elbows/shoulders
To mix or socialize closely: diplomats rubbing elbows with heads of state.
rub (one's) hands
To experience or display pleased anticipation, self-satisfaction, or glee.
rub (someone's) nose in Slang
To bring repeatedly and forcefully to another's attention.
rub (someone) the wrong way
To annoy; irritate: "One can see ... how [his] expression of his ideals and intentions must have rubbed many people the wrong way" (Christopher Lehmann-Haupt).
rub up on
To refresh one's knowledge of: I have to rub up on my French.

[Middle English rubben.]

rub in

vb (tr, adverb)
1. to spread with pressure, esp in order to cause to be absorbed
2. rub it in informal to harp on (something distasteful to a person, of which he or she does not wish to be reminded)

w>rub in

vt sep
oil, lotioneinreiben (→ prep obj, -to in +acc); butterhinzureiben
(fig) sb’s stupidityherumreiten auf (+dat); he’s always rubbing (it) in how rich he is (inf)er reibt es uns/ihnen etc immer unter die Nase, wie reich er ist (inf); don’t rub it in! (= don’t keep mentioning)reite nicht so darauf herum!; (= don’t keep alluding to)musst du auch noch Salz in die Wunde streuen?
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In fact, on one rub in particular I captured photos of 13 different bucks age 2 and older using it, and many of the mature bucks returned again and again.