or rub-off  (rŭb′ôf′, -ŏf′)
1. An act or result of rubbing off: a ruboff of color onto the fabric.
2. An influence or repercussion: a negative ruboff on marketers generated by dishonest practices.
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The new tickets were designed by Mr Bennett and the basic changes included the reintroduction of the 12 ruboff squares that were easier to use.
What if the Netizen is so sold on his or her medium that any brand seen in that medium will be seen in a new and more positive light, as a ruboff effect?
ANPA tech news, equivalent to 42 tabloid pages, includes a detailed report on the use of pallets for materials storage, several reports on flexographic printing issues and features on newsprint quality control, ink ruboff, digital black-and-white picture processing and color ink specifications.
While ink ruboff remains the leading complaint from readers, Butcher said other trends -- illiteracy, recycling, time poverty of readers, taxes on subscriptions, and reduced promotion budgets -- will continue to hurt circulation this year but none is a "major obstacle."
When players stand out in the Championship like he and Andrew Johnson did last year, it is almost guaranteed that they will make the step up because they will be surrounded by better players - and that can only ruboff.
First the proprietary 100% acrylic hybrid resin system gives Aura paint resistance to water spotting and color ruboff. This technology keeps a fresh look even in damp environments or after repeated washings.
A common type of matching sweepstakes used recently is the "ruboff" card.
Its ruboff was also felt on ICICI Bank, which is yet to announce its results.
"We reduced the density of the black soy ink to compensate for the [remaining] ruboff problem that occurs.
The program automatically or semi-automatically detects/creates the parting line and ruboff surfaces to separate the core and cavity of a mold, which then form the mold assembly.
Time was that many of us started as a sports reporter, then moved over to the police beat, then up to City Hall, then down to the courts, then took a turn in the financial department, then became an editor expected to know how to negotiate with labor unions and syndicate salesmen and little old ladies complaining about ink ruboff. Time was that a small, albeit stellar, liberal arts school like DePauw University could produce the likes of Eugene C.
Where's the ruboff? With its Board's encouragement, BMW's planners could reach far beyond the ordinary for the Z8.