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n. Slang
1. A murder or killing.
2. Destruction or obliteration: the rubout of a rival gang.


slang US a killing or assassination



n. Slang.
a murder.
[1925–30, Amer.]
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Hansel Marantan for his involvement in the January 6, 2013, rubout in Atimonan, Quezon, which killed 13 people.
Hansel Marantan and his group for their alleged involvement in the January 6, 2013 so-called rubout in Atimonan, Quezon where 13 persons died.
The Lady Troopers scored 16 points off attacks against 11 from the Water Defenders, and had two kill-blocks in the second frame alone to stage the set for a rubout.
In a photo posted by Arnel Casanova, the two Senate hopefuls were seen at the Pasig Regional Trial Court working on the case of the victims of the November 2005 "Ortigas rubout." class="twitter-tweet" .
According to the same information, on May 15 of this year Christodoulou received a phone call from a number registered to a relative of deceased businessman Theofanis Theofanous, who is believed to have been the target of the June 2016 rubout.
Among the most notable was Senator Panfilo Lacson who was issued with a hold departure order in 2002 in connection with the alleged rubout of several criminal gang members of the "Kuratong Baleleng."
Laid down flat like a screen print, these smaller notations evoke mechanical reproduction while the larger line emphatically signifies "painting." At left and suspended above, a dark scribble emulates a rubout, a residue of erasure, and an anomaly in Lasker's meticulously preplanned works.
But after media reports showed that among those killed was a local illegal gambling lord, as well as five police and military officers who were protecting him, President Benigno Aquino ordered an investigation."The victims were summarily executed and all indications point to a rubout (slang for execution)," said Aquino's spokeswoman, Abigail Valte, quoting a 64-page report by the justice department recommending the charges.
The five-year-old was once known as 'rubout' Redford because of his talent for frustrating his followers.
The result in formulations is added cushion and play-time on initial application, smooth non-draggy rubout and a light emollient after-feel without tack or greasiness similar to that of silicone.
If you want particulars, they run like this: A surfer dude named Sean (Nathan Phillips, acting as bad as he can) witnesses a mob rubout by Hawaiian crime lord Eddie Kim (Byron Lawson).
Has the president of the United States become Tony Soprano bragging about a mass rubout?