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a. A class or category: "This mission is sometimes discussed under the rubric of 'horizontal escalation' ... from conventional to nuclear war" (Jack Beatty).
b. A title; a name.
2. A part of a manuscript or book, such as a title, heading, or initial letter, that appears in decorative red lettering or is otherwise distinguished from the rest of the text.
3. A title or heading of a statute or chapter in a code of law.
4. Ecclesiastical A direction in a missal, hymnal, or other liturgical book.
5. An authoritative rule or direction.
6. A short commentary or explanation covering a broad subject.
7. Red ocher.
1. Red or reddish.
2. Written in red.

[Middle English rubrike, heading, title, from Old French rubrique, from Latin rubrīca, red chalk , from ruber, rubr-, red; see reudh- in Indo-European roots.]

ru′bri·cal adj.


(ˈru brɪ kəl)

of, contained in, or prescribed by rubrics, esp. liturgical rubrics.
ru′bri•cal•ly, adv.
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Outwardly, he was an example of regularity, said his daily Mass devoutly, and with such a grace and attention to rubrical accuracy that a student who paid particular attention to these matters used to refer to him and another as models in this respect.
When Joncas gives workshops, he said, he discusses three approaches to liturgy planning: The rubrical approach, which says: "As long as these events and texts are performed in the order that the book gives us, we have done good liturgy", the reflective approach, which says, "We begin with these liturgical books, but the issue is not making sure these texts and ceremonies are done in this order, but how they reflect the faith experience of the gathered community"; and the third approach, which is radical: "It tends not to pay attention to the liturgical books as published but begins with the spiritual experience of a given community and then tries to ritualize it."
He has been cautious, confining himself to individual sniper shots concerning rubrical minutiae.