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Noun1.ruby wood - hard durable wood of red sandalwood trees (Pterocarpus santalinus); prized for cabinetwork
Pterocarpus santalinus, red sanders, red sanderswood, red saunders, red sandalwood - tree of India and East Indies yielding a hard fragrant timber prized for cabinetwork and dark red heartwood used as a dyewood
wood - the hard fibrous lignified substance under the bark of trees
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| Lucas Hickson practises his pen work, right, while ruby Wood gets creative, left
Ruby Wood, lead singer of the acclaimed Submotion Orchestra, launched her career at the venue, where she performed with musicians in various guises.
Caernarfon Tyres Junior Championships, race 1 winners: Jake Roberts and Kyla Cain (U8s), Connor Roberts and Georgia Parkinson (U10s), Michael Spill and Ruby Wood (U12s), Sion Jones and Keryn Williams (U14s).
One of them, her second cousin 16-month-old Darwin Payne, suffers from a rare heart defect and Ruby Wood, the daughter of one of Colette's friends, is the other tiny tot to have touched her life.
Ruby Wood''s sweet vocals have a flavour of Portishead.
"Noah Burton and Ruby Wood from Submotion Orchestra started their careers here, as did Huddersfield acts Thabo of Thabo and the Real Deal.
One of the highlights of the day was Leeds-based Submotion Orchestra, whose lead singer Ruby Wood hails from Paddock, who took over Sheffield University's Octagon stage.
Ruby Wood, one of the members of the band, known for its sophisticated vocal harmonies, hails from the Huddersfield area.
FROM dubstep, electronica, soul to swing, nothing is out of bounds for Paddock-born musician Ruby Wood, whose talent has really shone through as front woman for world-renowned Submotion Orchestra.
With original lead singer Ruby Wood concentrating on her Submotion Orchestra project, the Huddersfield band are moving into a new era.
He has also appeared alongside vocalist Ruby Wood in a jazz duo.
Fronted by honey-voiced Huddersfield singer Ruby Wood (inset), this London/Leeds-based band takes you slow-surfing on a chillwave to the sublime in the form of the scintillating top track Snow.